Friday, 15 July 2011

Review: Nail Rock Nail Wraps in Gold Lace on White

Nail Rock is one of the innovative creations of todays nail industry! 

This review is based on Nail Rock Nail Wraps in Gold Lace on White, which was part of my Sportsgirl haul from a few weeks ago. I have also included instructions on how to apply Nail Rock in my Sportsgirl haul post.

This is the first time I've attempted to apply these nail wraps and here are the results!

These Nail Rock Nail wraps require heat (from a hair dryer) so that the adhesive of these nail wraps can effectively stick onto the bed of the nails. At first, I used a small travel hair dryer and found that the heat was not sufficient to soften these nail wraps. So, I ended up using a my large hair dryer, which was a success.

The good thing about this little pack is you get 24 nails wraps, so you would have backup if they didn't fit securely and/or you could get two full uses of out these. The sizes are decent and you can easily fit them to size by using a nail cutter after applying them on your nails.

I absolutely love Gold Lace on White as the shiny gold pattern stands out really well with the stark white base.

The range of Nail Rock is quite limited and the main styles include vaious shades of lace, cheetah designs, stipes and polka dots.

You can visit the Nail Rock Australian Online store here to view their entire range.

Which Nail Rock design would you love to wear?



  1. Thanks for doing the post on these. The gold lace looks great :)