Thursday, 7 August 2014

Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy: Intense Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner

Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy's new intense Hydration Hair Care Line has just landed in-stores to ensure your hair is moisturised, strong and beautiful, rather than looking dry and weak. Approximately 90% of the strength of our hair emanates from the scalp, so when you expose your scalp to a hair-dryer and warm water from showering, your hair subsequently loses it's essential moisture that causes a reduction in the strength of hair.

Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Ambassador, Miranda Kerr, 'Between photo shoots, traveling and styling with hot tools, it's easy for my hair to feel weak and dry. But, in my line of work - bad hair days just aren't an option! Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy's Intense Hydration Hair Care is my secret for strong, beautiful hair.' 

The Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Intense Hydration Shampoo (A$5.99/200ml, A$9.49/350ml)  & Conditioner (A$5.99/200ml, A$9.49/350ml) are both formulated with a scalp hydrating Cactus extract to assist the replenishment of hydration and moisture in dry and damaged hair. For me, dryness in hair is a common beauty dilemma that I encounter, particularly during the Winter season. For the last 4 weeks, I've incorporated the new Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Intense Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner into my daily hair regime and I haven't looked back!

Both the Intense Hydration Shampoo and Conditioner are housed in a sturdy plastic bottle with a press down lid to dispense the product. The packaging is quite appealing being tall and slim just like the entire Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy line. I found that it was very easy to dispense a sufficient amount of product, however, when it comes down to the last 20 or so mLs, it is quite difficult to salvage the last amount of product. As mentioned earlier, the bottles are quite sturdy and also, they are not so malleable to allow easy compression to squeeze out the last volume of product. To overcome this, I've had to ensure that the bottles are stored up-side-down so that the last amount of product sits at lid. 

The consistency of the Shampoo is relatively thick compared to most shampoos I've used in the past, which means that only a small 20cent-sized amount is adequate for one application. The same goes with the conditioner as you could see in the photos that the formula appears like a thick cream. I quite like the consistency as it was very easy to lather the product through my hair. My hair felt beautifully silky smooth and so soft to touch, I was amazed as to how effective these two products transformed my hair to become more hydrated and lustrous. The scent of these products also smell utterly divine! The scent reminds me of fresh berries! Although a little overpowering for my liking, the berry scent did leave my hair smelling fresh after washing my hair. 

All in all, I am very much in love with both the Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Intense Hydration Shampoo & Conditioner as my hair looks and feels a lot more healthy and beautiful inside-out! 

The Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy Intense Hydration Line is available at Priceline, Coles and selected pharmacies nationwide.

Which types of shampoo and conditioners do you use to maintain moisture and strength within your hair?
Have you tried any of Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy's range of products before?

xx Rose

Products were provided for consideration only. This review is 100% based on my own thoughts and opinions. I am not affiliated with Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy and did not receive remuneration to post this product review. 

Thursday, 31 July 2014

Violet Box (July 2014)

I love how Violet Box always brings NEW and EXCITING products every month! Not only did I receive an amazing assortment of beauty products on my July Violet Box, but everything was housed in a new type of Violet Box! Instead of the usual matte black box with a magnetic flap closure, my Violet Box was white with a black pull out drawer and signature purple tab to pull it out! The new packaging is super cute and easily re-usable! Love it!!

Now on to the beauty products that were housed in my July edition of Violet Box! 

Skin & Co Truffle Therapy Serum (A$75/30ml, 5ml sample received) - The sound of truffles always intrigues me! This serum helps to combat wrinkles, fine lines and skin dehydration. I will surely get a good few uses out of this serum to alleviate my dry winter skin.

Sukin Skin Purifying Facial Mask (A$15/100ml, 2x8ml satchets received) - Sukin products are so lovely as they are a skin care company which focuses on natural ingredients. The Purifying Facial Mask is formulated with kaolin and bentonite and infused with aloe vera, rose hip and jojoba oils to purify the pores deep within and nourish the skin. I am looking forward to using this facial mask during the weekend!

KMS California Hair Play Molding Paste (A$40/150ml and A$33/100ml, 20ml sample received) - This Molding Paste smells absolutely beautiful! Smells fruity and delectable! I will definitely use this handy travel-sized tube when styling my hair!

LAQ&Co Sheer Lip Lube Pencil in the shade 'Stranger Danger' (A$20, full sized product received) - Lip products always lights up my eyes! The shade Stranger Danger is such a pretty fuchsia pink that would suit any attire and occasion!

Dr. Hauschka Lavander Sandalwood Calming Body Wash (A$26/200ml and A$6/10ml, 10ml tube received) - I haven't used Dr. Hauschka products before, so I was super excited to try their body wash. This body wash contains quince seed extract alongside some plant surfactants for a luxurious wash!

So Susan Flutter Mascara (A$32/4g, full sized product received) - I'm not so much of a mascara user, so this one will definitely be given to my bestie. I'm sure she will love it because I've enjoyed using other makeup products by So Susan in the past.

Beyonce Rise scented sachet - This was a cute little bonus that was included in my box. I've opened the sachet and left it in my wardrobe so that my clothes would smell fresh! The scent features apricots, Italian bergamot and iced basil sorbet.

I am super happy with the contents in my July Violet Box and very pleased to see a positive new change to the packaging. Violet Box is always consistent with the selection of hair, makeup and body care products which gives me the opportunity to explore a wide range of products in the beauty department! As always, I look forward to the next edition of Violet Box!

Violet Box beauty subscriptions cost A$22.95/month, A$68/3 months, A$137/6 months or A$250/year and you will receive a surprise Violet Box containing 5-6 beauty treats (full/sample size) at your door step every month. For more information on Violet Box, please click here.

Have you subscribed to Violet Box? 
Did you receive the same contents as I did?

xx Rose

Products were provided for consideration only. This review is 100% based on my own thoughts and opinions. I am not affiliated with Violet Box and did not receive remuneration to post this product review. 

Wednesday, 23 July 2014

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment (A$19/99/100ml) is the latest and greatest hair treatment product that I've been using during this chilly and cold winter season here in Australia. I've been using quite a number of hair oils as of late and Dove's new Pure Care Dry Oil is one that comes at an affordable price tag that's not only effective but very beneficial for the health of my long and thick locks! The transparent formula of this star beauty is infused with African Macadamia Oil to replenish, nourish and pamper the hair while leaving my hair feeling weightless, non-greasy, free-flowing and uber shiny and soft! The warm oriental fragrance of this hair oil isn't so sweet smelling to my personal taste, however, the scent does dissipate after a short period. 

The Dove Pure Care Dry Oil is housed in a sleek and sophisticated golden glass bottle with a pump dispenser. A couple of pumps is plenty to gently massage the product through the midlengths to the ends of my hair. I usually apply this golden liquid of hair elixir to my towel-dried hair and also after heat-styling my hair. This way, my hair remains nourished and hydrated most of the time! For added nourishment and hydration you could also use this formula as a pre-wash to dry hair (approx. 30 mins before shampooing), in-wash for enhanced treatment (just add one pump to your conditioner, mask or leave-in treatment) and/or post-wash for hydration (just add 3-4 drops to damp hair for more manageable hair prior to blow-drying). 

I love how well Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment gives my hair TLC with immediate results. My hair looks a lot more healthy, smooth and ultra shiny! There is less noticeable frizz and my hair is a lot more manageable when it comes down to blow-drying and heat-styling my hair. If you're after an affordable, simple and efficient hair oil to lock-in the nourishment and hydration your hair needs, then I would definitely recommend Dove's Pure Care Dry Oil!

Dove Pure Care Dry Oil Nourishing Treatment is available now from Priceline, Coles, Woolworths and selected pharmacies nationwide. 

What are your thoughts on Dove's new hair treatment product?
Are you a fan of Dove hair and body products?

xx Rose

Product was provided for consideration only. This review is 100% based on my own thoughts and opinions. I am not affiliated with Dove and did not receive remuneration to post this product review.  

Friday, 11 July 2014

ELES Cosmetics Beauty Trend: The Big Smoke

ELES Cosmetics is an Australian beauty brand that has captured my heart since I was first introduced to this brand in 2012. I love the quality and results that ELES Cosmetics face, eye and cheek products deliver! I also love how ELES Cosmetics welcomes a new beauty trend each season, featuring a set collection of new and favourite ELES Cosmetics products. The current beauty trend by ELES Cosmetics is called 'The Big Smoke', a new winter look for 2014 that focuses on soft, sultry and muted effects for a city chic look! For additional details on the products featured in the ELES Cosmetics The Big Smoke look, please click here.

Today I will be featuring two of the products from 'The Big Smoke' beauty trend: the Mineral Matte Blush in Adobe (A$45.00/3.4g) and BrowBlender in Dark Taupe (A$42/1.19g). 

There are two blush collections by ELES Cosmetics and these are the Mineral Blush (A$39.50/4g) and Mineral Matte Blush (featured in this post). I've explored the ELES Cosmetics Mineral Blush collection in the shades Rose Marble (plum/rose shade) and Mixed Berries (rosey pink shade) (reviewed here) and I absolutely adore the high pigmentation these blushes offer to achieve excellent staying power! On the other hand, the Mineral Matte Blush in Adobe allows for a beautiful soft natural glow to the complexion whilst providing dimension to the face.

ELES Cosmetics Mineral Matte Blush is infused with pearlescent matte pigments and is available in two shades: #01 Adobe and #02 Flirt. The shade Adobe is a gorgeous light coral/nude shade that suits light to medium skin tones. Using a duo fibre brush or a blush brush, I found that it was very easy to pick up sufficient amount of product to leave a soft matte and natural look to the cheeks.

To apply, simple sweep the brush over the cheeks and then blend along the cheekbones towards the temple region. The matte pigments are jet milled to help blend the Mineral Matte Blush and achieve a beautiful velvety matte glow to the complexion. I love the soft natural look Adobe appears and it really does make a great contouring product for a simple and natural everyday look during the winter season. 

Defined, well-structured and well-groomed brows are the trend in beauty these days for a polished look! The ELES Cosmetics BrowBlender is a handy dual ended pencil that helps you to shape, contour, define and fill-in brows. The BrowBlender has a brow pencil on one and a spoolie tip on the other end. There are three shades available: #01 Blonde, #02 Soft Taupe and #04 Dark Taupe. You could use this brow pencil dry for a soft focus effect or wet for a more intense and defined brows. I prefer using this BrowBlender dry as this BrowBlender is very pigmented and I prefer the look of soft shaded brows.    

The shade Dark Taupe is perfect for those who have dark brows that need definition and shading. I love how easy it was to define my brows to add emphasis to the arch and tail of my brows. The BrowBlender blends in beautifully and my brows look very natural. It was very easy to perfect my brows in a few simple and easy steps:

1. Outline the upper and lower border of the brow with a light hand
2. Neatly extend the the trail to structure and define the brow 
3. Carefully fill-in the brows using short feathered strokes
4. Use an angled brow brush to diffuse the strokes and achieve well-groomed brows

The BrowBlender in the shade Dark Taupe is quite pigmented, so it is important to use a soft hand to define and shade. The BrowBlender does not smudge nor fade easily, so there is no need to touch up during the day! For a winter beauty look, the BrowBlender is a must-have to groom and define the brows!

ELES Cosmetics are hypoallergenic, free of nasty chemicals, oil-free, dye-free, talc-free and fragrance-free.

For ELES Cosmetics stockists, please click here

What are your thoughts on the ELES Cosmetics Mineral Matte Blush and BrowBlender?
What are your beauty essentials for this winter season?

xx Rose

Products were provided for consideration only. This review is 100% based on my own thoughts and opinions. I am not affiliated with ELES Cosmetics and did not receive remuneration to post this product review. 

Monday, 7 July 2014

SachaJuan Intensive Hair Oil

SachaJuan is a luxury hair care, hair styling and body care label that launched in 1997 in the heart of Stockholm (the capital of Sweden) by two highly recognised hairdressers, Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind. SachaJuan landed in Aussie shores in 2013 and I was lucky enough to have the chance to trial the most raved about Sachajuan hair care product known as the SachaJuan Intensive Hair Oil (A$50.00/50ml). The Intensive Hair Oil aims to help restore the lustre and shine in hair, repair dry and damaged locks and protect hair from harsh environmental aggressors.

My hair is probably at its worst state during the winter season, so it is a must for me to use hair serums, oils and heat protectant products to keep my hair looking naturally soft, shiny and beautiful. I've been using the SachaJuan Intensive Hair Oil as a treatment product which can be used as an all-in-one hair serum, oil and protectant! I love multitasking products!  I normally apply to the mid-lengths and ends to lock-in moisture and ensure my hair is less unruly and more manageable. You could also apply the Intensive Hair Oil to damp or dry hair. I tend to use this product after towel drying my hair and also after styling my hair.

The Intensive Hair Oil is housed in a slimline glass bottle with a very simplistic white label.  The pump bottle is super convenient as it allows dispensing the desired amount without any mess. The consistency of the Intensive Hair Oil is lightweight and very thin, so a 10 cent coin sized amount is adequate to apply to long and thick hair. It was very easy to evenly apply the hair oil to the strands of my hair, leaving my hair looking and feeling silky smooth and soft. The formula is enriched with Argan Oil to nourish the hair and Vitamin- and Amino Acid- rich Sea Buckthorn Oil to repair and protect hair. The scent is relatively strong, though not too overpowering. Sometimes the scent that lingers after application, makes me feel like I've just stepped out of a luxurious and lavish hair salon!

SachaJuan is available online here or in-store at selected salons nationwide.  
For stockists, please click here.

Have you heard of the label SachaJuan before?
Which hair care products do you incorporate in your hair routine?

xx Rose

  Products were provided for consideration only. This review is 100% based on my own thoughts and opinions. I am not affiliated with OPI and did not receive remuneration to post this product review. 

Tuesday, 1 July 2014

Sukin Body and Face Care Winter Essentials

Sukin is an Australian brand that offers a range of eco-friendly, natural and affordable skin, hair and body care products. Sukin utilises a myriad of natural and organic botanical extracts and essential oils to boost the vitality and luminosity of skin. All Sukin products are vegan & cruelty free, free from harsh chemicals such as Sodium Lauryl Sulphate (SLS), Sodium Laureth Sulphate (SLES), synthetic fragrances, animal derivatives, harsh detergents, propylene glycol, artificial colours, triethanolamine, mineral oils, EDTA or parabens, and the packaging (e.g. boxes, bottles and packets) of all products are recyclable. Sukin has such a strong focus on not only restoring the natural beauty of skin but also ensuring that the production of their products do not impact our environment. I've been a huge fan of Sukin for quite some time now and I'd always recommend their products to family and friends.

Winter is the season where skin tends to become dry and in need of moisture, hydration and essential oils to restore and improve skin structure. My combination/oily skin has started to become dryer than usual, so these Sukin products landed at my desk in good timing! Recently, I've been using a variety of Sukin face and body products and I am absolutely loving the gentle formulations and quality of these products. 

Today I will be reviewing the Sukin Cream Cleanser (A$9.95/125ml), Sukin Revitalising Facial Scrub (A$9.95/125ml), Sukin Purifying Body Scrub (A$12.95/200ml) and Sukin Hydrating Body Lotion (A$12.95/250ml, A$19.95/500ml).

The Sukin Cream Cleanser is one of the two formulations of cleansers in the range, the other being the Foaming Facial Cleanser that I reviewed a while ago here. The Cream Cleanser is a white opaque and light cream formula that is ideal for those who have dry and/or mature skin types. This cleanser would be a suitable cleanser for me to use during winter. The consistency of this Cream Cleanser is just about right for my liking (not too thick or runny) and it feels uber hydrating and nourishing once I gentle massage the Cream Cleanser in circular motions. The scent of the formula is quite lovely as it provides a subtle botanical aroma. The formula is infused with essential oils of Rose hip, Avocado and Wheat Germ to help nourish and hydrate the skin, while Aloe Vera, Burdock, Horsetail and Nettle assist to thoroughly cleanse and refresh the skin. My skin feels beautifully clean and revived without feeling tight nor dry. The formula is also gentle enough to remove residual impurities on the surface of my skin, leaving it feeling squeaky clean!

Sukin Revitalising Facial Scrub is a non-abrasive facial scrub that contains Bamboo extracts and ground Walnut Shells to refine and exfoliate the skin and Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Jojoba Oil, Rose Hip Oil and Sesame Oil to nourish the skin. Facial scrubs are a must in my skin care routine as my skin needs exfoliation to thoroughly deep cleanse those pesky pores and allow for smooth and clean skin. I've been using the Revitalising Facial Scrub every second day for a week and it really does help to nourish and vitalise my skin! My skin doesn't feel dry at all as the nourishing ingredients and essential oils help to lock in the moisture the skin needs. The consistency of the scrubs gives a very gentle amount of 'oomph' to scrub the skin without being too harsh. For those of you who prefer facial scrubs that are gentle to the skin, then this beauty is one for you to trial. I prefer using scrubs where I could literally feel the exfoliating action whilst gentle massaging the product, so I would need to use an alternative scrub to achieve that amount of force.

The Sukin Purifying Body Scrub is one of my favourite Sukin products that I reviewed previously here. I absolutely LOVE the sweet scent of this scrub as it reminds me of almond croissants! The creamy formula of this Purifying Body Scrub contains micro particles of Bamboo extracts and ground Walnut Shells and the creamy formula is infused with Aloe Vera, Chamomile, Jojoba Oil, Rose Hip Oil and Sesame Oil to nourish and hydrate the skin. The core ingredients are exactly the same as the Revitalising Facial Scrub, however, the consistency of this Purifying Body Scrub is more dense. I love how the consistency of this scrub is not too harsh nor gentle, it's just the perfect consistency to slough away dead skin cells to leave the skin feeling silky soft, smooth and smelling sweet after application! I love this scrub to bits!

Sukin Hydrating Body Lotion is a super nourishing lotion that is infused with the goodness of Aloe Vera, Nettle, Horsetail, Burdock to nourish the skin and Rose Hip, Avocado and Jojoba Oils to hydrate the skin. Sukin Hydrating Body Lotion helps to restore the skin's moisture balance and soothe dry parched skin. The scent is reminiscent of the sweet aroma of vanilla which lingers for a while after application. The consistency of this body lotion is very thin and absorbs quickly into the skin once applied. The body lotion leaves a nice matte finish without any greasy or sticky feel to the skin. My skin dries up so quickly during winter so I've been using this body lotion twice daily to maintain the moisture level of my body. I absolutely enjoyed using this body lotion, especially because it hydrates my skin so well and that it leaves a beautiful indulgent scent after application! 

Sukin formulations, clockwise from top left: Cream Cleanser, Revitalising Facial Scrub, Purifying Body Scrub and Hydrating Body Lotion.

Overall, the quality of Sukin face and body products are beautifully natural and phenomenal, being infused with lush botanical extracts and essential oils. My skin feels wonderful after using these products and it's fantastic that Sukin products are so affordable! Another characteristic of these Sukin products that I love is that the tubed products come with a foil seal, so they are guaranteed fresh upon the first application. I highly recommend their products for winter as that are definitely worth your while!

Sukin products are available at Priceline and selected pharmacies nationwide. For stockists, please click here.

Do you love using natural and organic based skin care products?Which Sukin products do you love best?

xx Rose

Products were provided for consideration only. This review is 100% based on my own thoughts and opinions. I am not affiliated with Sukin and did not receive remuneration to post this product review. 

Friday, 27 June 2014

Violet Box (June 2014)

June Violet Box


I was very fortunate to be a part of Violet Box from the very start! I've got to say that Violet Box has done a terrific job in putting a smile on my dial every month I've received my Violet Box! I love that every month, there is always a variety of beauty delights, including hair care, skin care and cosmetic products. Violet Box just gets better and better, month after month, and I'm sure they will maintain their goal to bring new, innovative and exciting beauty products so that we could all explore and play with!

Instead of receiving the usual black Violet Box signature box, I received all the beauty contents housed in a cosmetic pouch and everything was all packaged in a padded parcel bag. It was a nice surprise to receive something totally unexpected! 

Inside my June Violet Box parcel, there was a wonderful mixture of 7 products (4 full size and 3 deluxe sample size products) ranging from hair care, skin care, brow and nail products from new and popular brands! 

 I love treating my hair to ghd products, as my hair always looks great after using their treatment and styling products. I received a full sized bottle of ghd Straight & Tame Cream (A$24.00/120ml) which is designed to help tame and transform messy, unruly and unmanageable hair. The opaque white cream has a nice consistency with a refreshing scent and the formula contains Vitamins B5, C and E to nourish and hydrate hair. I've been using a few pumps of this cream after towel drying my hair it really does help to make my hair easier to brush through and style. 

Bioderma Sebium Pore Refiner (A$30.95/30ml, 15ml sample received) is ideal for those who have combination and oily skin types and is ideal for use as a makeup base to help refine skin texture and minimise the appearance of enlarged pores. I always use a makeup base/primer when applying makeup, so this handy cream by Bioderma will be put to good use!

I was first introduced to Chella last month when I received their Ivory Lace Highlighter Pencil. I love the effect this highlighter gives to brighten and widen my eyes, so I was super excited to receive another product from Chella in this month's Violet Box. The Chella Brow Pencil (A$21.50, full size received) is a very fine and thin mechanical pencil which helps to colour and define the brows. I never ever leave my brows untreated, so it was interesting to try this brow pencil. I love how fine the pencil is, so it really does help to define the brows without any error. 

Strange Beautiful is a totally brand new brand to me! Jane Schub is the designer behind Strange Beautiful and she is a graduate from the Rhode Island School of Design.  Strange Beautiful is a nail polish brand that house a vast collection of nail polish shades that are deliberately nameless. This is quite strange, as I've never come across nail polish shades without a shade name/number. The Strange Beautiful Nail Polish duo (A$22/set) I received is full size and includes a vibrant fire-engine red shade and an elegant beige/nude shade.

I love the packaging and the fact that there are two gorgeous wearable shades of nail polish bottles which share the same cap. So cute!! The consistency of the formula is quite good and the formula is completely free from toluene, formaldehyde and DBP. I was able to achieve a completely opaque finish with one coat of the red shade and two coats of the beige shade. The shades are beautiful pigmented and presents a vibrant, glossy and creamy finish to my nails!

Appelles is a new hair care brand that I've heard about so many times, but I never had the chance to try it out myself. The Blackseed Shampoo (A$18.95/150ml and A$44.95/500ml, 60ml sample received) is infused with rosemary, ylang ylanf and lavadin super, the scent of this shampoo is incredibly divine that it makes me feel revitalised! The Tamanu Conditioner (A$18.95/150ml and A$44.95/500ml, 60ml sample received) is also infused with the same ingredients as the shampoo and it too smells wonderful! I love hair products that give a refreshing scent as it really does make my hair smell nice!

This is the first time I've received a cosmetic pouch as part of my Violet Box subscription. This Caddy Cosmetic Pouch (A$26/each) is quite compact as it contains two large compartments where one compartment can be used to carry bulky items and the second compartment can be used to store eye pencils, mascara, lipsticks and brushes etc. The material is very sturdy, so it will keep your skincare and makeup essentials safe and sound!

I am super impressed with the contents of my June Violet Box as everything I received is useable and useful for my needs! The June Violet Box is valued at around A$120, so you are definitely getting your money's worth! I absolutely love every single product! If I had to choose my best three, it would be the Strange Beautiful Nail Polish, Appelles Hair Products and Chella Brow Pencil!

Violet Box beauty subscriptions cost A$22.95/month, A$66/3 months, A$130/6 months or A$250/year and you will receive a surprise Violet Box containing 4-6 beauty treats (full/sample size) at your door step every month. For more information on Violet Box, please click here
Did you receive the same products and shades in your June Violet Box?
Which products in the June Violet box are you loving most?

xx Rose

Products were provided for consideration only. This review is 100% based on my own thoughts and opinions. I am not affiliated with Violet Box and did not receive remuneration to post this product review. 

Wednesday, 25 June 2014

Kérastase Cristalliste Range

My long hair always ends up being quite a challenge to maintain and manage, especially when I don't have any hair treatment products that are suitable for my thick and heat-damaged hair. It wasn't until I was first introduced to the Kérastase Cristalliste Range a few weeks ago that my hair is now looking as healthy as ever! Today I will be reviewing the Kérastase Cristalliste Luminous Perfecting Masque and Cristal Sculpt Dual Gloss Serum. If your hair is lacking the moisture, shine and health it needs, then the Kérastase Cristalliste Range will come to the rescue!

Kérastase Cristalliste Luminous Perfecting Masque (A$60/200ml) is a hair treatment mask that is ideal for use on dry and long hair to achieve lightweight, luminous and luscious locks. My hair is long and thick which requires a lot of attention and maintenance, so this hair mask is the perfect treatment to transform my hair to reveal full volume and healthy looking hair. The formula is enriched with three core ingredients: a Polymer derived from Glucose to facilitate blow-drying, a Dry Oil for intense nourishment and hydration, and both Candellia Cera and Ceramides to protect hair against external aggressors. 

To use this Luminous Perfecting Masque, apply a small dollop to towel-dried hair, massage the product through the lengths and ends, leave in for 5 minutes and then rinse out with lukewarm water. I always treat my hair with a hair mask once a week to ensure my hair stays healthy and luminous.

The Luminous Perfecting Masque is a pearlescent opaque pink formula that is quite thick yet easy to massage into my hair. The scent is absolutely beautiful as it leaves my hair smelling like a fresh bouquet of flowers. While rinsing the product from my hair my hair felt incredibly silky and velvety smooth and I run my fingers through my hair under the shower head. My hair feels beautiful nourished and well hydrated. This is just what my hair needs!

Kérastase Cristalliste Cristal Sculpt Dual Gloss Serum (A$45/30ml) is a luminous double gloss sculpting serum that helps to boost the shine and radiance in hair. The Dual Gloss Serum contains two liquid components that are very thin in consistency. Both components are dispensed simultaneously from the pump bottle before you can mix the two formulas in the palms of your hands and apply to your hair. The transparent serum is an an aqueous based formula that contains Alpha Hydroxy Acid to help smooth the structure of hair while the light pink coloured gloss helps to boost shine with the presence of 'liquid mirror' particles. I found it quite interesting that this serum exists in the form of two components where each component has it's own benefit and action to improve the structure and nature of hair. 

To use this Dual Gloss Serum, apply 1-2 pumps to your palm and mix thoroughly to obtain a homogeneous mixture. Apply to wet/dry or towel-dried hair and work the product through the mid-lengths and ends of your hair. I prefer using this Dual Gloss Serum after towel drying my hair as this is the point where my hair becomes quite unmanageable. The best way to apply is to start form the ends and work your way to the mid-lengths of hair. Running my fingers through my hair while applying the Dual Gloss Serum helps to break free tangled sections of hair. Leave the Dual Gloss Serum in your hair and do not rinse out. This Dual Gloss Serum can also be used with styling irons and before blow drying, so it is quite a versatile product that helps to lock in moisture and strength to your hair. 

The scent of this Dual Gloss Serum is quite fragrant and invokes a pleasant and crisp floral scent that leaves my hair smelling lovely and fresh like a bouquet of flowers! The consistency of the Dual Gloss Serum is very lightweight, so I've had to use at least two full pumps to thoroughly apply the product to my long and thick hair. The serum doesn't weight my hair down at all, which is a great plus as my hair normally feels unmanageable, messy and difficult to work with. I love how this serum can be used to prep and protect the hair before using heat styling tools or a dryer. My hair feels silky smooth, less coarse and less frizzy to the point where I feel like my hair is getting a good dose of nutrients to help strengthen and tame my hair.  My hair feels a lot more manageable and easy to style as the formula does help to leave my hair tangle-free!

The Kérastase Cristalliste range is available at selected hair salons nationwide.

Do you incorporate a hair treatment mask and serum to maintain hair?

xx Rose

Products were provided for consideration only. This review is 100% based on my own thoughts and opinions. I am not affiliated with Kérastase Paris and did not receive remuneration to post this product review. 

Saturday, 21 June 2014

OPI Brazil Nail Collection - Copacababies Mini Nail Lacquers

The latest installment at OPI is the sassy Brazil Copacababies (A$24.95/set) consisting of four 'tropicalicious' mini nail lacquers! Such a cute name!! What's more to love about these shades is their quirky names! I love how OPI are always so creative with naming their shades.

Suzi Weiss-Fischmann (OPI Co-Founder & Exec. VP) - ''With sun soaked shores, tropical fruits, and lush flora/fauna, Brazil is such an inspiring locale. I wanted women around the world to embrace the energy and playfulness for which Brazilian women are known.''

Next Stop... The Bikini Zone

Next Stop... The Bikini Zone is a purple/grey duochrome shade, described by OPI as an amethyst-toned pewter, contains an abundance of miniscule silver glitters. This shade is surprisingly very sheer, so I would suggest using this shade as a top coat over any dark and bold shade.

Kiss Me I'm Brazilian

Kiss Me I'm Brazilian is a baby pink neon creme shade that's just like a Barbie pink shade! It's a pretty pink shade to this collection, though I'm sure there are many dupes of this shade out there. The consistency is quite thick and creamy, so one coat is sufficient for a smooth and opaque finish.

AmazON... AmazOFF

AmazON... AmazOFF is a gorgeous vibrant teal shade with very subtle shimmers. I absolutely LOVE this shade!! The gorgeous teal shade is so eye-catching and you could easily pull this shade in any season. The formula and consistency is quite lovely and very easy to work with. Only two coats was enough to achieve an opaque finish.

Where Did Suzi's Man-Go?

Where Did Suzi's Man-Go? is a very tropical orange/mango creme shade that just screams paradise! This shade is quite a fun and unique colour that I'm sure most people will love! The consistency was pretty good as I did end up with a smooth, glossy finish with 2 coats.

The Brazil Copacababies Mini Nail Lacquer set  by OPI is available in selected Myer, David Jones stores and selected salons nationwide.

Which Copacababies shade do you love most?

xx Rose

Products were provided for consideration only. This review is 100% based on my own thoughts and opinions. I am not affiliated with OPI and did not receive remuneration to post this product review. 

Wednesday, 18 June 2014

Kérastase Elixir Ultime Hair Oil

One of my most loved hair treatment products is the luxurious Kérastase Elixir Ultime Hair Oil (A$55/125ml) which aims to beautify and enrich hair with 4 key emollient and nourishing ingredients: Maize, Argan, Camellia and Pracaxi oils. My long and thick hair needs a regular boost in nourishing and hydrating ingredients as it does tend to go dry during the cooler seasons when I always opt for nice warm showers. Additionally, my daily hair regime of using a hair-dryer and heat-styling tools just adds to the damage done to my hair. The great thing about this Kérastase Elixir Ultime Hair Oil is that you can distribute the oil to dry or wet hair and you can also use it in 5 different ways:
  • Heat protectant: to create a barrier while providing protection against heat damage
  • Pre-wash: to prep the hair before cleansing and allowing the hair to be tangle-free
  • Leave-in conditioner: to lock in the nourishing benefits of the core ingredients. I sometimes leave in a couple of drops in my hair after showering and before going to bed
  • Finishing product: to maximise shine, protection and nourish the hair
  • Re-touch: just re-apply a couple of drops to re-nourish and tame the hair
The transparent elixir is very thin in consistency and once I apply a couple of drops to the mid-lengths and ends of my hair it immediately feels weightless and silky soft! My hair looks shiny, healthy and well nourished! This product is my go-to product every time I feel that my hair is lacking moisture and shine and needs protection. The oil reduces the amount of frizz and flyaways that develop after styling my hair, so it's just a great bonus that this one product can transform my hair to look naturally beautiful and impeccable!

Kérastase Elixir Ultime Hair Oil is available at selected salons nationwide.

How do you protect your hair from heat damage?
Have you tried Kérastase Elixir Ultime Hair Oil before?

xx Rose