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Review: Biotherm SKIN.ERGETIC Skincare Range

Biotherm has launched an exciting innovative skincare range which combines the beauty of nature and science... it's the new Biotherm SKIN.ERGETIC skincare range!

SKIN.ERGETIC is an anti-fatigue concentrate which helps to reduce the appearance and visible signs of fatigue and stress so that the skin will look and feel radiant.

There are three products in this range which are formulated with five fruit and vegetable extracts which are beneficial to the skin:

The SKIN.ERGETIC Skincare Range is:

Mineral Oil-Free
Synthetic Colorant-Free

SKIN.ERGETIC Energy Up Complex/Serum (50 mL, $AUD74)
Preserved Fraction- 10 x More concentrated than the day care
Broccoli (sulforaphane)
Apple (botanical cell)
Soy (protein)
Lemon (AHA)
Sugar cane (AHA)

Biotherm- 'To fight the most visible signs of fatigue, give your skin a new energy source - a powerful boost of moisture and radiance. Biotherm anti-fatigue revolution: Last-minute cosmetic activation to protect its natural quality and high efficacy. Biotherm creates SKIN.ERGETIC, its first signs of fatigue repairing concentrate, to reduce visible signs of fatigue and fight against their appearance, all day long.' 
The unique and innovative features of this range is in the formulation, packaging and concept of the SKIN.ERGETIC Energy Up Complex/Serum. 

Most of you are well and aware that all skincare formulas have an expiry and shelf life due to the concoction of ingredients which contain active ingredients that lose their ability to benefit the skin when exposed to the air over a long period of time. 

Biotherm created this serum so that we are 100% guaranteed the serum is fresh the second we say 'GO!'. Bascially, this serum contains extracts of broccoli that have been freeze dried to a powder so that you can mix this powder into the formula before it's ready to be used. The formula lasts 3 months for the serum to work at it's potential and you can write down the date you activated the formula on the space provided on the bottle. 

SKIN.ERGETIC Anti-Ox Day Cream-Gel (50 mL, $AUD64)
Available in a cream-gel formula for normal/combination skin types or
rich cream for dry skin types

Fruit and Vegetable Extracts:
Apple (neohesperidine)
Tomato (lycopene)
Grape (polyphenol)
Pomegranate (polyphenol)
Seville Orange (botanical cell)

Biotherm- 'A combination of naturality and high-efficacy. Biotherm creates SKIN.ERGETIC, its non-stop anti-fatigue moisturizer with 5 fruit and vegetable fractions. A formula with an optimal anti-oxidant complex that reduces visible signs of fatigue so that they don't become signs of aging.'

SKIN.ERGETIC D-Tox Night Cream (50 mL, $AUD64)

Tea and Seed Fractions:
Tea (catechine)
Bucwheat (lipid)
Ruscus (saponin) 
Soy (protein)
Cranberry (lipid)

Biotherm- 'A combination of naturality and high-efficacy. Biotherm creates SKIN.ERGETIC, its overnight visible high-recovery moisturizer with 5 tea and seed fractions. A formula with a purifying complex that promoted the elimination of impuritieis generated by free radicals on sin surface and diminishes visible signs of fatigue so that they don't become signs of aging.'

I work in an air-conditioned room and usually arrive home with tired, dull and moisture-lacking skin. My skin is also exposed to the city atmosphere almost everyday, which means my skin easily accumulates impurities on its surface. 

Biotherm's SKIN.ERGETIC skincare range seems like the perfect solution for my skin concerns, so that's why I decided to try it out. I don't use a separate moisturiser for day and night, so it was a nice that I was given a deluxe sample of the day and night creams to try with my SKIN.ERGETIC Energy Up Complex.

How to 'activate' SKIN.ERGETIC Energy Up Complex/Serum:
1. Position the white cap, which contains the broccoli extract in powder form, onto the Energy Up bottle. To release the powder into the formula, press the top of this white cap until you hear a 'click' sound.
2. Shake well for a homogenoeus (uniform) formula.
3. Remove the white cap and replace it with the dropper applicator.

I like the idea of initiating the final step in the formulation of the Energy Up Complex and the fact that all three products, serum, day and night creams, contain fruit and vege extracts. The Biotherm lady on counter explained that the idea of these extracts formulated in these creams is that the skin can also enjoy the benefits of fruit and vege that we consume. 

SKIN.ERGETIC Energy Up Complex is a serum which I apply after cleansing and toning my skin. Serums are loaded with nutrients and absorb and penetrate deeper into the skin than a moisturiser. Energy Up serum feels instantly refreshing on my skin and revived my senses due to the yummy, mainly apple, scent. The serum doesn't leave a greasy trail, instead it absorbs quickly into the skin.

I love how the glass bottle comes with a dropper so you don't need to use a spatula to scoop the product onto your hand. Using this dropper is very hygenic and you only need about 3 drops for one application.

SKIN.ERGETIC Anti-Ox Day Cream is lightweight and its fruity scent is absolutely amazing! This day cream is formulated with antioxidants which helps to maintain the youthfulness of the skin. This cream makes my skin feel revived and great! This cream didn't irritate my sensitive skin, instead it penetrated my skin very quickly.  

The Anti-Ox Day Cream does not contain any SPF, however, it contains anti-oxidant extracts which deter the ageing process. Wearing this day cream means you must apply sunscreen to product the skin from the sun's harmful rays. 

 SKIN.ERGETIC D-Tox Night Cream acts as a d-tox to maintain and provide nutrients within the skin while you sleep. I'm unable to certify the detoxification part of this night cream, though I can tell you that this night cream is slightly rich in texture (so you only need a small amount) in comparison to the day cream. Similarly, this cream absorbed very well and it made my skin feel supple and well moisturised. When I woke up in the morning, my skin looked and felt refreshed! I'm really satisfied with this night cream! 

The texture of the day and night creams are slightly rich in comparison to the serum, however, both products did not feel heavy nor greasy. I only use a tiny amount as these creams blend and spread easily for an even application.

The packaging and method of application is one of the most important features of skincare products. I'm not a fan of skincare products encased in a jar, simply because the product is directly exposed to the air everytime the jar is opened. Hence, the benefits of the ingredients to work well will be short lived.

Delicious and yummy scented skincare serums/creams attract my interests all the time and these products are packed full of fruity and sweet scents. I enjoyed using the serum in conjunction with the day and night creams as these helped to maintain the nutrients and moisture of my skin. My skin feels fresh and supple, which is great to see in Biotherm's new and innovative SKIN.ERGETIC range. I would definitely reccommend this if your skin needs a boost in nutrients and radiance!

Have you discovered Biotherm's new SKIN.ERGETIC skincare range?
What are you thoughts on broccoli extracts in SKIN.ERGETIC Energy Up Complex?


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