Tuesday, 27 November 2012

Sisley Phyto-Ombre Eclat Long Lasting Eye Shadow

Sisley Phyto-Ombre Eclat Long Lasting Eye Shadow is probably one of the priciest, yet most luxurious eye shadows I have ever purchased! The eye shadow contains 1.5 g (similar to that of regular MAC eye shadows), costs A$55 a pop and is available in 20 beautiful soft shades. It is quite pricey by the sounds of it, but in my opinion, the quality, formulation of the eye shadow and overall finish makes Sisley Phyto-Ombre Eclat so unique as an eye shadow.

Sisley Phyto-Ombre Eclat is an extremely finely milled powder eye shadow which contains natural botanical extracts such as Camellia, White Lily and Green Tea to soften, moisturise and improve fat breakdown. This is a very interesting concept as it is the first time I have come across an eye shadow which provides skin benefits. The eye shadow is packaged in a sturdy matte black compact with an in-built mirror and sponge applicator.

 The shade Banana is a soft buttery sunshine yellow with miniscule iridescent shimmers to add dimension the eyes. The eye shadow goes on sheer and applies on smoothly and softly. The formula is buildable to appear more pigmented, however, the shade Banana will obviously only provide slightly intense colour to the lids. It is best to use the shade Banana as a base for the lids, on it's own as an allover eye shadow and as a highlighter to highlight the brow bone and inner corners of the eyes.  

The finish of Banana is absolutely beautiful as an allover eye shadow as it brightens the eyes. The swatch of the eye shadow in the above photo really doesn't do it justice. Being a sheer finish eye shadow, I was really surprised that the formula was long lasting as it claims as there were no fall-outs whatsoever and the soft and subtle intensity of the shade was still visible at the end of the day. Under sunlight, you could notice a beautiful glow to the eyes. 

The sheer wash of the shade Banana is stunning and this shade is unique and different from all the other eye shadows in my collection. I typically opt for purple, taupe, nude and dark hues of eye shadow and never really expected to choose this shade, which was actually recommended to me. I was recommended this shade by the lovely Sisley representative at David Jones Queensplaza store as I had told her that I have too many shades of eye shadow in my collection that I had no intention to expand my collection any further. So, I'm really glad that I chose to purchase Sisley Phyto-Ombre Eclat eye shadow as the formula is so different and not only looks lovely on, but the formula containing botanical extracts is an awesome benefit for the skin. 

I am now obsessed with Sisley Phyto-Ombre Eclat Long Lasting Eye Shadows and I highly recommend swatching these shades as the counter to see the effect yourself. 

Have you tried Sisley Phyto-Ombre Eclat Long Lasting Eye Shadows before? What do you think of the quality of these eye shadows?

xx Rose


  1. Very pretty! This looks like it would a beautiful colour to sweep over the cheek bones as a highlighter too!

    1. I love multi-tasking beauty prodz! The gorgeous yellow shimmers would work very well to highlight the cheekbones!

  2. I'm almost fainting over the price but I've often wondered about Sisley!

    1. I just couldn't resist getting my hands on this Sisley beauty after swatching the shade when I was in-store.

  3. Have you tried Sisley´s make up Phyto Teint Eclat? It´s amazing! :)