Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Review: Jane Iredale Mystikol Pencil Box

Jane Iredale Mystikol Pencil (A$36 each) is the first product I have used from Jane Iredale. I have heard so many rave reviews about Mystikol pencils that I had to get them ASAP! Mystikol Pencils are sold individually (7 different shades), however, I was just too indecisive that I ended up purchasing the Mystikol Pencil Box containing five different shades (set of 5 A$120) to play with!

Mystikol Pencils are dual-ended pencils with eyeliner on one end and complementing highlighter on the other end. The cap on each end is filled with a creamy mineral powder to give a burst of intensely pigmented eyeliner and pearlescent highlighter.

The shades are as follows:

Malachite: Intense emerald with soft beige
Amethyst: Rich purple with oyster silver
Lapis Lazuli: Brilliant blue with pearlescent ivory
Dark Topaz: Dark brown with stunning rose gold
Onyx: Jet black with sparkling pearl

The mineral powders are EXTREMELY pigmented that I have to get used to applying in very small amounts at a time. The eyeliner gives a dramatic, intense and bold look to the eyes and simply defines the eyes in a single swipe. Not only am I amazed about the quality of these Mystikol pencils but I love how the sponge tip of the eyeliner is pointed for precision and the highlighter is rounded for blending and achieving a soft look. The ideal shape of the sponge tips make it super duper easy to create versatile looks from AM to PM such as a basic soft all-over colour over the lids, a simple winged eye or glamorous smoky eyes. Plus, the highlighter works really well to highlight the brow bone, cheek bones or the inner corner of the eyes.  

The selection of shades in the Mystikol Pencil Box is just beautiful and stunning: my favourites are actually Onyx as the jet black shade is probably the blackest jet black I own and Amethyst as the bold rich purple stands out and adds a gorgeous pop of colour to my lids! The box in which the pencils are contained in is a simple tin box which packs the Mystikol Pencils in neatly and protects them from damage from any beauty product clutter.
Jane Iredale Mystikol Pencils are truly amazing eyeliner/highlighter pencils which make application so easy without the hassle of using eye shadow brushes and tools, eye primer and there is no need for re-applications (just ensure you use an oil-based eye makeup remover for ease of removal) !

Jane Iredale products are available at selected beauty salons and clinics, just click here to locate your nearest stockist. 

What are you thoughts on Jane Iredale Mystikol Pencils? 
Have you tried any Jane Iredale beauty products before? 
I'd love to hear which products you would recommend!

xx Rose


  1. These look like a great product to try out. Amethyst would be my first pick being the purple fiend that I am!

    1. Amethyst is a lovely colour! It provides a nice pop of colour for an everyday look!