Sunday, 5 February 2012

Review: Prestige Skin Nude Foundation

A few weeks ago, I received a lovely package from Prestige and it contained one of their newest additions to their foundation line. The package contained a tube of Prestige Skin Nude Foundation.

I was surprised to receive this foundation as I've never used Prestige foundations in the past. The only product I have used from Prestige is their popular Sun Baked Mineral Bronzer which I used years ago! Their Sun Baked Mineral Bronzer is so popular as it's a dupe of MAC Mineralise Skin Finishes. 

Now back on topic... Prestige Skin Nude Foundation is formulated with Ginseng, Aloe and Viamin E to provide a stimulating, hydrating and soothing effect. The benefit of Vitamin E is that it helps to minimise signs of ageing. I have never come across a foundation formulated with this trio of ingredients, so I found it interesting to see how it feels and benefits my skin. 

I was provided with the shade '02 Nude Natural' and it turned out to be a little too dark for my light skintone. Despite the slightly darker shade of foundation, I was thankful that this foundation didn't make me look orange, as most foundations I have tried looked a little orange as the color match was a failure! There are five shades in the range (shade# 01 to 05).

The consistency of the foundation is very lightweight and during application it felt quite difficult to blend into my skin using a foundation brush. Using a foundation brush required a lot of product to acheive an even distribution of the foundation. However, I did find that using a sponge gave a better result. Using a sponge made applying the foundation very easy and it leaves my skin looking nice and smooth. There were no excess foundation around the corners of my nose and it made my skin tone look even.

The coverage is medium, however, I found that it was more of a full coverage foundation to the point where I didn't need to use concealer at all. 

I have an oily/combination skin type, so the initial dewy look changed from looking perfect to too oily from the 1st hour to the 4th hour of wearing it. I even tried to apply a light dusting of powder over the foundation, however the powder didn't spread evenly. 

Overall, Skin Nude Foundation wasn't the best foundation for me, despite the shade not matching my skin tone. The dewy finish is most suitable for people who have a dry skin type as it contains moisturising properties. I was also suggest that this foundation is most suitable to wear during the winter months.

Prestige Skin Nude Foundation is available from 29th March 2012 at selected Priceline pharmacies and online at and retails for A$24.99 for a tube containing 25ml.

Which foundation is your holy grail? Do you interchange foundations accordingly to the weather change?

xx Rose

Product was provided for consideration only. This review is 100% based on my own thoughts and opinions. I am not affiliated with Prestige and did not receive remuneration to post this product review.


  1. A brilliant and honest review, love it. I have quite dry skin and do like a moisturising foundation, so might have a look at this one. I am currently using my Bourjois foundations which are really nice but this looks good!

  2. Great review! Sad it didn't work out for you. I will try it out when it hits the stores. I use EL Double Wear for the hot humid days because it withstands all the sweating. Otherwise, I just use mineral powder (MAC fix, Nude by Nature etc)

  3. Thank you for the comment emmabovary and Su!

    @emmabovary, When I first swatched the foundation the consistency was really nice, but then it is unfortunate that it's not suited for my skin type. I've heard a lot about Bourjois foundation but never tried them myself. Do you think it would be suitable for people with oily/combo skin types?

    @Su, Mineral powder sounds interesting. I've used MAC Studio Fix Fluid before and really like the coverage and quality, though I haven't used their mineral powder. I might just check that out soon!

  4. Thank you so much the review. We don't have this brand in my country unfortunately. My holy grail is the Max Factor Ageless Elixir. It's amazing!