Friday, 23 September 2011

Dessert: Belgian Dark Chocolate Soufflés

Today I discovered that Woolworths (or Safeway in Victoria) stock some delectable and indulgent desserts amongst their chocolate mud cakes and pecan danishes etc... What I picked up and took home with me this afternoon was a set of two Belgian Dark Chocolate Soufflés!! Yum!! 

The fruit and veg section in Woolies had a few punnets of juicy strawberries at $1.50 a box, so I couldn't go home without a box or two!

So, here are the soufflés I purchased, one for the boy and the other for me! The set comes with two glass ramekins and all you need to do is transfer the soufflé mix (best to use a butter knife) from the plastic sealed container to the glass ramekins provided in the set and bake it for 30 minutes at 140°C

Dark chocolate is my FAVOURITE! Although dark chocolate tastes slightly bitter, I'd suggest to indulge in this Belgian Dark Chocolate Soufflés with a few strawberries to balance the taste. 

Which dessert do you love from Woolies/Safeway?
Do you know how to make soufflé at home? I now have two empty glass ramekins which need to be filled up and I'd love to know the recipe if you're willing to share =)



  1. Thank goodness these aren't gluten-free or I'd be very tempted to try!

    But dark chocolate is healthy for you, with all those anti-oxidants and such....

  2. Oh and I forgot to add, I have a recipe on my blog of a natural chocolate souffle recipe -

  3. @misssensuous that adds another reason why chocolate is good for us!

  4. OOooohh lovely ♥ thank you for the link misssensuous!