Tuesday, 13 September 2011

Review: Sukin Nourishing Lip Treatment

Sukin is an Australian Natural Skincare company which launched in 2007 and their motto is 'Skincare that doesn't cost the Earth'. 

If you say 'Sukin' repeatedly and very fast, you will hear yourself saying 'skin'!

Sukin produces a range of lovely skin, hair and body products which are all made in Australia. They are against testing on animals and their products do not contain animal derivatives.

I love the atmosphere Sukin brings about as I love using natural and chemical-free skincare products. Sukin products are free from sulphates, synthetic fragrances, petro-chemicals, harsh detergents, EDTA, artificial colours, mineral oils and parabens, just to name a few.

 Sukin Nourishing Lip Treatment is a true stand out within my collection of lip balms. The scent is plesantly light and it smells very very familiar! I couldn't think of the product it smells similar to until a day later when I figured that it smells similar to Bloom's Aromatherapy Lip Balms! 

 Sukin Lip Treatment actually does have 'flavour' as it tastes just like vanilin or something really sweet. This sweet taste is really different though, I do have a sweet tooth afterall!

Sukin Nourishing Lip Treatment is formulated with a number of lovely and natural ingredients such as Calendula (soothes sensitive skin), Sunflower seed oil (nurtures and conditions dry and damaged skin), Jojoba seed oil (provides suppleness and softness to skin), Shea (has hydrating properties) and Rosemary (a strong antioxidant).

This lip treatment is very hydrating and the ingredients within this formula makes it work so well to nourish and heal dry and damaged lips. It also helps to maintain the health of my lips, however, my only concern is this lip treatment has no SPF. The lip is prone to the damaging effects of harmful UV rays, so it is important to protect it using products containing SPF. Since this is a lip treatment, I would reccomend using this product when you're indoors (if you are concerned about the lip treatment containing no SPF) or even after an afternoon shower to heal dry and damaged lips.

The texture of this balm is relatively thick and this is one of the qualities of this balm I really like. The thick texture feels very nourishing and soothing to my lips and it leaves a beautiful glossy shine. The formula is only slightly sticky that it binds onto my lips and doesn't just wipe off. I actually like the level of stickiness because is stays on my lips. I just need to tie my hair up if it's going to be a windy day!

Besides from using this balm on bare lips, I actually love using this lip treatment over lipstick! You should definitely consider applying this over lipstick!! Not only does it add a glossy finish, but it also maintains the colour and lasting power of lipstick.

I love the slanted applicator of this lip treatment as the ease of application is essential. I don't like using the tip of my fingers to apply lip balm, so I'm really glad the packaging of this tube is very convenient.

I've been using this lip treatment almost everyday for about a week and I really love this! The tube contains 10mL of product which may not last long as I'm already addicted to this!

Sukin is available at stores in Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Ireland, Canada, Hong Kong, Malaysia and Singapore, you can view their stockists here.

For more information on their wide range of skincare products click here.

Have you used Sukin skincare products before?
Which products are you favourite?


Sukin Nourishing Lip Treatment was provided for consideration. This review is 100% based on my own thoughts and opinions. I  did not receive remuneration to post this product review.


  1. I love Sukin products- they are such good value considering the great natural ingredients lists and the work really well too- 15% off at Priceline atm!!

  2. @Me, my best and I, thanks for the heads up! I've only just discovered Sukin and am still exploring!

  3. I adore lip balms but I was hesitant to try this one - I assumed it would be thin in consistency but now that I've found out it's not, I want to try!

    Thank you for reviewing! x

  4. @misssensuous, I'm not a fan of lip treatments that are thin in consistency too, so I'm glad that I've come across Sukin's Lip Treatment.