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March Bellabox: Get Naked with Bellabox!

This month Bellabox has decided to follow a very unique approach compared to all the subscription beauty boxes out there! Upon receiving the usual Tiffany blue parcel from the post office, to my surprise I received a signature Bellabox calico drawstring bag instead of the usual cardboard box! I love this new idea as I have accumulated so many Bellabox boxes (which have been used to house gifts for relatives and friends and on top of that I also have a number of boxes to use as storage for my beauty products) and I'm starting to run out of ideas for recycling these boxes. 

The Bellabox calico drawstring bag would be very handy to store small items such as hair accessories, stationery, satchets of Lipton tea and especially useful to store beauty products for travel :)

The theme of the March Bellabox is 'Get Naked with Bellabox!'. The idea of this theme is all about letting your true self shine through! When I looked inside on Bellabox calico bag there were a few interesting products plus a Carman's museli snack as a treat!
March Bellabox
The contents in the March Bellabox:
Yes to Carrots Lip Tint in Cotton Candy (full size 2.6g A$9.95)
Pure Fiji Hydrating Body Lotion-Coconut, sample size ~20ml (full size 354ml A$29.95)
U Little Beauty Natural Repair Hair Serum (full size 100ml A$19.99)
Planet Eve Daily Face Moisturiser, sample size 10ml worth $11.80 (full size 50ml A$59.00) 
Bellamer Eye Balm, sample pot ~5g (full size 15g A$40)

March Bellabox Total worth ~A$50

My March Bellabox arived with a very nice change from box to calico bag and the selection of beauty samples were skincare and hair care.  I was hoping for a cosmetic product, however, I think it is nice to receive a hair care product this month as last month did not see any hair care products. 

Yes to Carrots Lip Tint in Cotton Candy is 95% organic and is a nice touch to add in this month's subscription as I have heard of the brand but never really got the chance to use any of their products. The lip tint is very tiny, actually it is the smallest lip balm stick I have ever used! The tint in Cotton Candy did not leave any tint on my lips, instead it leaves a subtle shimmery finish on my lips. It smells very much like vanilin and my lips always feel temporarily tingly after application. There are a couple of things that disappointed me and that is the fact that the tint has no SPF and you can ONLY wind the Lip Tint UP. I found this really strange as if you accidentally wind up too much product (like I did) you will have to squish the lid over the product. Not a nice sight!

Pure Fiji is a new brand addition to Bellabox and their Hydrating Body Lotion in Coconut smells absolutely divine! I love drinking coconut juice and to have a coconut scented body lotion is such a great idea! The body lotion is lightweight with a thin consistency and it absorbs very quickly into the skin. My skin feels very hydrated and well moisturised leaving my skin looking soft, smooth and supple! The yummy scent just makes it good enough to eat!

U Little Beauty is an Australian Natural Skincare brand and their products are formulated using Certified Organic and Natural ingredients. The hair serum is an interesting one and I was very excited to try this product! I am a regular user of hair serums so it'd be great to see how this product compares. This hair serum contains luxurious ingredients such as Macadamia and Argan Oil to smooth and nourish the hair. The serum is an opaque white formula which is very easy to distribute along the ends of my hair. My hair does feel soft and nourished, however, it didn't provide a natural shine to my hair like other hair oils and serums that I have used do. The formula is relatively thin and mild and I think this serum would be suited for people with thin hair rather thick hair, which describes my hair type.

Planet Eve Organics products are Australian Certified Organic and this is a new brand that I've been exposed to. I received the Daily Face Moisturiser and it sounds like a great product to try. I've noticed in the blogger-sphere that samples of the Facial Balancing Toner and Facial Cleansing Oil have been received in place of this Daily Face Moisturiser. 

The moisturiser is labelled as an anti-aging skincare product and I'm not exactly sure why I received this as my beauty profile does not suggest I am interested in anti-aging products. The moisturiser is antioxidant and vitamin rich and aims to target fine lines, age spots and dry skin. My skin does not have any of these concerns, however, I guess the core ingredients of acai, rosehip, camellia seed oil and european beech sound too good to pass up anyway!  

The moisturiser glides on smooth and leaves a nice matte finish. The scent of this moisturiser is quite odd and it wasn't pleasant for my likeing. I expected the scent to linger away after application, however, I could still sense it after a few minutes of the moisturiser absoring through my skin. This mosituriser is unfortunately not for me due to the scent.

Bellamer Botanical Skin Care another brand I am new to. The brand is a boutique skincare company based in Melbourne and was developed by Sandy Mason during an attempt to find relief for dry, sensitive skin and eczema. 

Bellamer Eye Treatment Balm is a VERY rich and hydrating balm which helps to relax, soothe and nourish dry and sensitive eyes. The balm is enriched with natural ingredients including Shea Butter and Chamomile and Peppermint essential oils. The great thing about balm-like products is that it would probably last ages! 

The balm is very very moisturising- I really can't emphasise the very good moisturising properties of this balm!  The balm applies on smooth and partially sinks through the skin. The eye balm does take some time to absorb through, however, it is suggested to dab off any excess. My only concern is that it leaves a shiny trail to my skin and so it wouldn't be suitable to apply AM. I prefer to use this at night time. 

My eyes are in a relatively good state at the moment and I would only use this product when my eyes are lacking hydration. I think this balm is an excellent product for people with very dry skin and/or eczema.

Overall, it was great to see Australian natural and organic based products in the March Bellabox bag. There was a great variety of samples and great sample sizes included to let my inner self shine through: two full size products (lip tint and hair serum) and three deluxe sized samples (body lotion, eye balm and moisturiser). Although the majority of products received in the March Bellabox were not the best I have tried of their kind, there is always next month's Bellabox to look forward to :) 

What did you receive in your March Bellabox calico drawstring bag? 

xx Rose

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  1. It was a nice box wasn't it?! I noticed that about the lip tint and I didn't twist it up that much, I have to push it back down now every time I use it so it is a little squished looking!