Sunday, 25 March 2012

March Glossybox

I received my March Glossybox the other day and this month's theme is all about getting active to help both the body and mind stay beautiful. I received five beauty samples ranging from skincare to body care and to hair care with an additional bonus power balance bracelet in hot pink. I don't actually believe power bracelets help to give you balance, but I though it was nice to get a sporty accessory with the Glossybox logo imprinted on the side. 

Unlike previous boxes, I received a larger than usual card with a message from the Glossybox team and a list of all the samples distributed this month. The list included 18 beauty products with their description, however, the quantity and RRP values were not shown. I much preferred receiving their usual cards which contained detailed information on the five samples provided in the box. 

The five samples I received from the list include the following:

Eau Thermale Avene Gentle Milk Cleanser, sample size 50ml worth A$7.50
(full size 200ml A$29.95)

Eau Thermale Avene Gentle Toner, sample size 50ml worth A$7.50
(full size, 200ml A$29.95)

Klorane Extra-gentle Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk, travel size 50ml A$8.95
(full size 150ml A$16.95)

The Body Shop Chocomania Body Butter, sample satchet 8ml worth A$1.20
(full size 200ml A$29.95)

Thin Lizzy Concealer Cream in Oriental Doll, sample size 7.5ml worth ~A$14 (full size 15ml A$27.95)

March Glossybox worth ~A$39

The Avene skincare products  are great for sensitive skin, so I'm quite keen to test how these products go. I was excited to see a travel sized Klorane dry shampoo in my box as the first and last dry shampoo I have used was Bastiste dry shampoo in Blush. The Body Shop body butters are absolutely divine and rich and my favourite is the Sesame Seed one for very dry skin. Unfortunately, they discontinued this product years ago and I have since sadly stepped away from their line. Well, that is until now! The Body Shop has released a brand new body butter scent in Chocomania (great timing for Easter)! Sounds delicious! Last but not least, I received the Thin Lizzy Concealer Cream which looks like a full sized product, but it's actually half the full size. 

All in all, there was a little bit of excitement from me after revealing the products in the March box. I am most excited about the Klorane dry shampoo and Avene skincare products, so hopefully these will work well with me.

What did you receive in your March Glossybox? Were you happy with the contents you received?

xx Rose


  1. Ooh I would want to try the Klorane dry shampoo - I received the hair/body serum thingy instead and loving the Avene products so far which may convinced me to buy full size since I've been wanting to try but never could test it first, but now I do, yay!


  2. I'm still waiting to get mine, looking forward to trying out the Avene products, hope I get a similar box to yours!

  3. I actually would've been quite pleased if I had received this, especially with the Avene products and Klorane (which is already the dry shampoo I use and love).