Friday, 20 January 2012

January Glossybox Celebrates Australia Day

Glossybox has become one of my favourite beauty sampling boxes, alongside Bellabox, because I adore the high end brands associated with them (Sally Hansen, Shu Uemura, Bobbi Brown and Jurlique just to name a few). Some beauty samples may be deluxe sized and some may be full size. Sometimes the samples may be too small to trial and the reason for such a small amount of product given is that high end products are quite expensive and a deluxe sample would still be worth quite a lot. 

One of the best features of Glossybox compared to all the other sample boxes I've seen (Bellabox, Lusthavit, ilovethisbox and Beauty Basket) is the super cute pink packaging! The contents come in a sturdy signature pink Glossybox box and the contents are wrapped neatly in black tissue paper and a cute pink ribbon. I now have three Glossyboxes which are currently being used as an organiser to store my skincare and cosmetics. The Glossybox boxes are also great for gift giving!

My January Glossybox arrived in the nick of time! 

If you do not want to know what is in the January Glossybox, please do not read on!

January Glossybox
Contents in the January Glossybox
Kosmea Daily Facial Exfoliant
Sample size 20g worth $6.40 (full size 125g rrpA$39.95)
Nivea Rich Nourishing Body Moisturiser
Sample size 30ml worth 60 cents (full size 250ml rrpA$5.40, 400ml rrpA$7.99)
Sheer Cover Lipgloss and Nourishing Moisturiser
Full size lipgloss 2.5g rrpA$19.95 and 
sample size moisturiser 30ml worth $15 (full size 60ml rrpA$29.95)
Mirenesse Tight Liner Hydra Gel Eye Liner
Full size 2g rrpA$29.95
Australia Day Tattoos
Gift Card for online fashion label The Iconic

January GlossyBox Total worth ~$72

I like the idea of Glossybox having the theme of the January box as 'Australia Day' since Australia Day is just around the corner. The card with the list of products was printed in green and gold rather than the signature brown and pink colours.

The products I received didn't really impress me at all as the only products I liked were the Kosmea Daily Exfoliant and Nivea body moisturiser. The Mirenesse eye liner is a blue shade and unfortunately that's not a shade I would wear. I've never heard of nor tried the Sheer Cover line before, so I'll see how the lipgloss and mosituriser goes during the weekend. The $25 gift card to shop at The Iconic was something different, though I don't think I will end up using this up. The Australia Day tattoos look pretty fun so I'll definitely have these on next Thursday! Overall, the January Glossybox was underwhelming compared to the previous boxes I have received.

The word around the block is that the February box will be extra special due to February being the month for Valentine's Day. I saw a sneak peak via the Glossybox newsletter and apparently the February Glossybox could come in a hot pink box!

I was thinking of unsubscribing to Glossybox, but I think I'll hold out until I see what's in the February Glossybox. 

What do you think of the January GlossyBox?
Which products did you receive in your box? 

 xx Rose


  1. I'm still failing at avoiding the spoilers, great products, that eyeliner is perfect timing for me, hope I get it in my box! I love the Kosmea products too! Whats the deal with the gift voucher, is it $25 off if you spend a certain amount of just an actual $25 gift card?

    1. I was also failing at avoiding spoilers too, but I received my Glossybox early this month so it was pretty much a surprise for me.

      The min. spend is $49 to qualify for the $25 gift card.

    2. I'm in WA so I always have to wait longer to receive the box! Are you a glossybox ambassador? Thats not bad I guess, I'll have to check them out and see if they have anything I actually need!

    3. Hope you get your Glossybox early next week!
      No, I'm not a Glossybox ambassador. I probably received it early because I live in Brisbane?
      I was browsing through The Iconic site and it reminded me so much of ASOS! Let me know if you find anything nice!

  2. I received my Glossybox today, it is my very first! The contents of my box is identical to yours and I have to agree ... I am underwhelmed because in comparison to previous boxes the contents are a little boring.

    I just had a snoop on the Glossybox website and saw that an Estee Lauder serum and a Sally Hansen nail polish was also sent out this month. I would have been very pleased if one or both of these were in my box!

    1. Aww that's disappointing that your first box wasn't impressive! Thanks for the heads up about the Estee Lauder serum and Sally Hansen nail polish. I would have been happy too to receive those two samples in my box!