Sunday, 29 January 2012

Review: Kosmea Daily Facial Exfoliant

I am a huge lover of exfoliants (as you may have noticed!) and when I came across Kosmea's Daily Facial Exfoliant, that I received in the January Glossybox, I was totally astonished as to how unique this exfoliant is! I haven't used Kosmea products in the past, so I'm glad I came across this exfoliant and now know a little more about the brand. 

Kosmea is an Australian skin care brand which delivers a wide range of natural skin care products made from plant, flower and herbal extracts from Australia and around the world. The Kosmea Organic Certified Rose Hip Oil has been noted to be quite popular and I am yet to try it out myself.

Kosmea products are housed in recyclable packaging and are free from petrochemicals, articifial colours, mineral oils, artifical fragrances, sodium lauryl sulphate, animal ingredients and they do not test on animals.

I've been using the Daily Facial Exfoliant these last few days and I love how gentle and soothing this product is to my skin. This exfoliant can be used on a daily basis as the texture is gentle and kind to the skin. 

There are two ways to use this exfoliant: 1. as a cleanser and just massage a small amount onto the skin and rinse or 2. as a detoxifying mask treatment and leave the exfoliant on your skin for 5-10 minutes before rinsing it off. I've been using the second method as I like to enjoy the benefits of the core ingredients chamomile flowers, rose hip, kaolin clay and rice flour which helps to soothe, exfoliate and draw out skin impurities. My skin feels refreshed, soothed and clean and I'm really happy with the results.

The scent is hardly noticeable and the texture doesn't look so appealing, though this doesn't really bother me. You can actually see the crushed rose hip and chamomile flowers in this exfoliant. 

The price tag is little pricey, though this is what you expect for natural skin care products which help to improve the look and feel of your skin. I'm impressed with this exfoliant and I'm really interested to explore other products from Kosmea. They do stock a decent range of miniatures starting from $9.95, which I find is a great way to see if the product suits my skin.

Kosmea Daily Facial Exfoliant retails for $39.95 for 125g and is available at David Jones Departments in Australia and 

Have you tried Kosmea products before? Which products would you reccomend? What do you think of nautral skin care products?



  1. I havn't used mine yet but prob will tonight! Loved the Kosmea Cleanser I got in one of the Dec boxes!

    1. Hope you enjoy using it as much as I did! I didn't get the cleanser in my Dec box, but if I get the chance I might just try the cleanser.

  2. I tried this the other day and am liking it so far! I am yet to try the other mini's I have from them, but am now looking forward to it. I thought the texture was weird, in the best way! The idea of crushed rose hips is kinda cool. Great review xx