Wednesday, 18 January 2012

January BellaBox: Say 'Hello!' To New Naturals!

I have subscribed to two beauty sampling services and they are BellaBox and GlossyBox. The first box I received this year is from BellaBox! The January BellaBox is the 5th box in the running and I've been very satisfied with the contents I have received thus far.

The theme of this month's BellaBox is all about natural and organic products: ''Out With The Old. In With The New Naturals'. Oh I love the sound of that!

Here is a look at the contents in my January BellaBox:

January BellaBox
Sparoma Organic Roll On Pulse Point Aroma in Lemon Myrtle

full size 15ml rrpA$19.95
Pangea Organics Lip Balm in Egyptian Fennel with Grapefruit & Sweet Orange

full size 7g rrpA$17.95
J.Del Pozo “Halloween Kiss” and “Halloween Kiss Sexy” EDT
two sample size vials ~1.2ml ea worth ~$0.70c ea (full size 100ml rrpA$59)

Violent Lips in Pink Cheetah

 1 Appliqué worth $5 (rrpA$14.95/pkt 3)

First Aid Beauty Ultra Repair Cream
sample size 5.7 g worth $1.20 (full size 70g rrpA$14.95)

Herban Essentials Lemon Towlette
1 pkt worth ~90c (rrpA$17.50/pkt 20)

Qi Tea Detox  and Ginkgo

Soleo Sunscreen
two 3g satchets worth ~$1.90 (full size 80g rrpA$24.95)
January BellaBox Total Worth: ~$48

I have not come across any of these brands before so it's a great way to expand my knowledge on nautral products. I received so many satchet samples in the January BellaBox and to be honest I'm not so pleased about these one time use sample satchets and these would not help me determine if the product suits my skin. Despite this, I still very happy to receive a great selection of natural and organic products.  

Overall, the January BellaBox was slightly below par for my rating due to the small satchets received. I like the citric scents from the Sparoma Roll On and Pangea Organics Lip Balm and I will be leaving these two products in my everyday handbag. As for the Violent Lips Pink Cheetah lip tattoo... I think it looks HOT! But! I just don't see myself wearing this! I've heard about this lip tattoo concept before and never thought I would own one! I'm just surprised that I've got my hands on one of them now!

Did you subscribe to BellaBox?
Which product is you most favourite?
Did you receive a Violent Lip tattoo in your box? Which pattern did you get?

xx Rose


  1. The violent lips tattoo looks a bit too out there for me!!

  2. I got my box today, there was so much in it, even if they were mostly small samples! I got the same as you but got the gold glitterati violent lips and the pulse point aroma in romance. I'm so jealous you got the leopard print violent lips!