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Review: L'Occitane Délice des Fleurs Collection

L'Occitane Délice des Fleurs Collection is part of the limited edition Delicious Christmas Holiday 2011 Collection. The Délice des Fleurs Collection was inspired by the traditional candy factories of Provence (south eastern France), where the processing of floral petals into sweet and sugary delights took place. 

The seasonal change from Spring to Summer in Provence brings about beautiful blooming Rose and Violet flowers. Délice des Fleurs is in fact the sweet floral scents of Rose and Violet petals interlaced between sugar.

What I love about this new L'Occitane collection is the many forms in which this beautiful scent is presented. If you're a floral perfume lover, Délice des Fleurs EDT perfume spray is the perfect way to sprits onto your hair, neck and/or skin. If you love to indulge into a luxurious floral and sweet scent during a shower, then the Délice des Fleurs Shower Jelly is the one to try. If you like body milk and hand cream with a hint of floral scents then the Délice des Fleurs Body Milk and Hand Cream are your best picks!

To read more about the entire Délice des Fleurs collection click HERE.

Délice des Fleurs Eau de Toilette 75ml - rrpA$49.95
L'Occitane- 'The Délice des Fleurs Eau de Toilette, a gourmand floral fragrance with a powdery vanilla base and aromas of may rose and violet leaf absolutes, evokes the scents that escape from the workshops where the crystallized flowers are made. '

 Délice des Fleurs EDT is housed in a frosted glass bottle in a shape of a rose petal. I'm no stranger to floral scents, however Délice des Fleurs EDT really struck my senses. In a good way that is!  Délice des Fleurs EDT has a very unique scent which puts it amongst the most beautiful floral scents I have ever used. The scent was quite light and fragrant, however, I quite like the intensity of this perfume. Strong scents make me dizzy, hence, I prefer eau de toilette perfumes rather eau de parfum. Despite being an eau de toilette perfume, the staying power is quite good. The top notes within this perfume truly stand out. The top notes are vanilla, rose and violet extracts and I'm surprised the scent is not at all sweet and floral but more of a powdery floral scent.  L'Occitane has done very well to introduce Délice des Fleurs EDT this holiday season and I only wish this perfume was not limited edition. This perfume would make a fab gift for someone special or even yourself!

Délice des Fleurs Shower Jelly 250ml - rrpA$24.95
L'Occitane- 'The unique texture of Délice des Fleurs Shower Jelly, which transforms into a rich and creamy foam when mixed with water, gently cleanses the skin. The body is left perfumed with the delicious and powdery fragrance of crystallized petals, including may rose and violet leaf absolutes.'

Using shower jelly is a great way to cleanse the skin whilst forming a soapy foam full of fragrant rose and violet scents. I've never really used shower jelly before so I found the concept quite intesting. The powdery vanilla based rose and violet scents are just so beautiful! I really have fallen in love with this trio of scents from L'Occitane's Délice des Fleurs collection. The shower jelly felt very luxurious on my skin and the scent was only strong enough to make me feel really relaxed during my shower! This shower jelly makes me feel so much better after a long hot day or hard day at work!

Both the shower jelly and body milk are housed in the same type of packaging. The product is dispensed through a very sturdy push top lid which makes it so easy to control the amount of product dispensed.  I love the idea of packaging the Délice des Fleurs perfume, shower jelly and body milk in a bottle in the shape of a rose petal. It just gives the packaging meaning and I think that is thoughtful. Both these products actually look great sitting in the bathroom!

Délice des Fleurs Body Milk 250ml - rrpA$34.95
L'Occitane -'Délice des Fleurs Body Milk, containing may rose and violet leaf absolutes, is enriched with grape seed oil and shea butter, which helps to nourish, moisturise, and soften the skin. Its fluid and light texture is quickly absorbed, enveloping the body with the delicious and powdery fragrance of crystallized petals.' 

This body milk has a very runny and lightweight consistency, much like the texture of milk itself! It quickly absorbed into the skin and moisturises my skin very well. The scent is very pleasant and made me smell like a bouquet of roses during the day. It is a light fragrance and the rose and violet aroma does linger a couple of hours after application.  

Délice des Fleurs Hand Cream 30ml - rrpA$9.95
L'Occitane -'Enriched with shea butter, Délice des Fleurs Hand Cream, containing may rose and violet leaf absolutes, helps to nourish and soften the hands while leaving them perfumed with the delicious and powdery fragrance of crystallized petals.' 

L'Occitane hand creams always enthralls me! At first I thought this hand cream would be quite thick due to shea butter being one of the core ingredients. The consistency was actually very lightweight and thinner than expected. Appying the hand cream gave a very nice cooling sensation to my skin and it just felt lovely! The scent of rose and violet leaf of this hand cream is so heavenly! It's very moisturising and it leaves my hands smelling beautiful! The hand cream doesn't leave a greasy trail after application which is a great thing. The scent was quite strong at first, but after penetrating through my skin the scent was subtle to the point where I could just sense a hint of the rose and violet aromatics. I just keep smelling my hands as it's smells amazing!

The price range of the Délice des Fleurs is very reasonable and they would make great Christmas gifts or stocking fillers for someone who loves the scent of vanilla, rose and violet leaf.

For more information on these delightful treats, visit the L'Occitane website HERE and/or follow L'Occitane (@LOccitane_au) on Twitter to be in the know!

Have you got Christmas presents for your loved ones sorted?
What do you think of the Délice des Fleurs collection? Are floral scents your favourite?


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