Saturday, 10 December 2011

My MAC Mineralize Skin Finish Collection + Swatches

MAC has been one of my favourite colour cosmetics brands due to their diverse range of products and plethora of shades! Over the last few years I have accumulated a very small but lovely collection of the ever so popular MAC Mineralize Skin Finishes.

Sometimes I use MSF in place of blush, sometimes I use it on top of blush. I guess it's all about preference as some MSFs also give an overall pinch of colour rather than just the glow.  

MAC MSF L-R: Soft and Gentle, Smooth Merge and Naked You


MAC Sheer Minerals Collection
Sheer Minerals Collection: Soft and Gentle- Gilded Peach Bronze


MAC Lingerie Collection
Lingerie Collection: Naked You- Pale Beige with Grey and Brown Veining

MAC Color Craft Collection
Color Craft Collection: Smooth Merge- Left: Pale Cool Pink , Centre: Deep Rose, Right: Soft Champagne Pink

L-R: Pale Cool Pink, Deep Rose, Soft Champagne Pink

What do you think about MAC MSFs?
Do you own any? Which MAC MSFs do you have in your collection?



  1. They're such pretty colours! I love the look of bronzers but always think they would look silly on my pale skin. What do you think? How would I use them without looking like a silly person?

  2. nice collection :) i had a msf in refined but sadly it smashed the other day... i am still utterly devastated!

  3. @Kirsten Soft and Gentle would be suitable for you, just make sure you use a light hand when applying!

    @Jenny that's sad to hear! Hope you were able to salvage some?

  4. I will give it a try, thanks!

  5. I own so many highlights but I don't own a single MSF ;___; They all look so beautiful but for some reason when I get friends to do a CP (even for collections) I seem to skip over the MSFs. I must rectify this some day...