Saturday, 19 November 2011

Review: Hello Kitty Gun of Roses Nail Polish

The Hello Kitty Collection launched recently and exclusively at selected Priceline Stores. I was so excited and thrilled that the Hello Kitty Collection had launched. You could read more about my recent haul HERE

Hello Kitty Gun of Roses

The Hello Kitty nail polish range comes in a variety of glitter, matte and sheer shades. There were, of course, a couple of pink shades and Gun of Roses is one of them. Gun of Roses is a more intense/bright pink shade than what you see in the photo above. I would describe this shade as a Barbie Pink. Very pink and girly!

One application of Gun of Roses resulted in a partially opaque finish with streaking, so a good 3 to 4 coats would provide a completely opqaue look as shown above. Due to applying more than the usual 2 coats of nail polish in general, I noticed very slight chipping on the third day of wearing this polish (with a base coat and without a top coat). Also, a full size bottle contains 8ml of product and costs $9.95.

Left hand side of the back label

Right hand side of the back label
The print of Hello Kitty at the front of the nail polish bottle looks very cute and I really like the fancy font. At the back of the bottle, the list of ingredients, barcode and other details are printed on a sticker. The top sticker is actually placed on an angle, so I wasn't impressed with the labelling of the stickers. 

Overall, I would only continue to purchase nail polish from the Hello Kitty range if there is a shade I really like. 

Have you tried any shades from the Hello Kitty nail polish collection?
Which shades do you like or would reccomend?



  1. What a lovely pink shade! Not too bad for the price. It looks so cute, everything from the collection looks cute :)

  2. @Su it's a very pretty and girly pink and I think it's a great shade for the coming summer season!