Wednesday, 23 November 2011

November Bellabox Gets me Prepared for the Holidays!

After the successful and popular launch of Bellabox in October, I just couldn't wait to get my hands on the November Bellabox!  I love surprises and I love to try new makeup and skincare products from brands that I've seen and never heard of before.

Bellabox is a monthly subscription ($15 per month) where you receive 4-5 deluxe high-end, boutique and cult products from Australia and around the world, so you could try the best and the latest products on the market. To read more about BellaBox and their amazing blog, please visit their website at and you could also read through my post on Bellabox here.
To see the contents in my October Bellabox click here

The contents in my November Bellabox:

November Bellabox
Lancome Visionnaire, 5ml worth A$19.17 (Full size 30ml rrpA$115)
 Lancome's newly released skin correcting serum launched a couple of months ago and I'm very happy to see a deluxe sample size of this serum everyone has been talking about! What makes Visionnaire such a cult skincare product is the presence of a molecule called LR2412, which is proposed to penetrate through the skins surface and trigger a number of micro transformations. Sounds interesting and I can't wait to try it out!

BB Creme Au Ginseng, 1.5ml worth A$1.95 (full size 45ml rrpA$59)
Yuza Sobert, 1.5ml worth A$1.95 (full size 45ml rrpA$59)

Elixir Au Ginseng, 1.5ml worth A$4.90 (full size 30ml rrpA$98)
These three sample satchets are from a Korean brand called Erborian. Seeing that I received single use sample satchets, I don't think I would get a decent experience with these samples, but I'll see how I go anyway. The pricing of these Erborian skincare products are exxy, so I'm eager to these if these samples are really worth their price tag!

Gatineau Melatogenine Force Collagene, ~2ml worth ~A$10 (full size 30ml rrpA$150)
I've never tried any prodcts from Gatineau before. Gatineau is a high end skincare brand and the sample I received is an anti-wrinkle performance booster with collagen targeting ingredients to help give younger looking skin. I haven't reached that stage of skin maturity, so I'll have to give this one away. 

Orofluido, 5ml worth ~A$1 (full size Elixir 100ml and Mask 250ml rrpA$49.95/pack)
Orofluido is another new brand I've just come across and it's a hair care company based in Spain. The Orofluido sample I received is a beauty Elixir for hair. The formula contains a mixture of Argan Oil, Cyperus Oil and Linseed Oil. I've just gotten into a phase of using various hair oils, so I'm quite excited to try this one. 

Twistband, worth A$2.00 (pack of 3 for rrpA$5.95)
Twistbands originate from California and have been designed to keep hair secure without snagging or leaving any creases at the end of the day. These Twistbands are quite dear at $5.95 for a pack of 3 so I'm quite happy to try this Twistband, otherwise I wouldn't stop by and think about picking these up and buying them.

Obessive Compulsive Cosmetics Lip Tar in Pageant, full size 8ml rrpA$16

OCC Lip Tar swatch in Pageant
 Last but not least, the star product of the November Bellabox is an OCC Lip Tar! I've finally met the most pigmented, bold and long-lasting lip product to exist on Earth!! My first ever OCC Lip Tar I received is called Pageant- a blue pink shade. The one swipe swatch in the photo above shows how opaque and bold the formula of OOC Lip Tars really are. These Lip Tars are ever so long lasting as they are so difficult to remove! I had some difficulty wiping off the swatch on my arm! After using some soap and water, most of the product is now gone.

I'm very excited to see that Bellabox included a full sized OCC Lip Tar for me to try. I'm so glad the shade I received is wearable and something I would use. This Lip Tar has come in perfect timing as it would be a great product to take along with me when I head on a holiday going interstate in a few more weeks! I like the variety of samples included in this month's Bellabox and look forward to trying new products from brands I've never come across before.
November Bellabox total worth ~A$57 !

Did you subscribe to Bellabox for the November Box?
What did you get in yours? Which product/s are you most excited about? 



  1. Oh wow, what a fab looking box, the lip tar looks amazing, might have to see if I can get there here in the UK.