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Review: Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Face Palette

Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Face Palette

I love Bobbi Brown colour makeup, because Bobbi Brown’s collection of blushes, eyeshadow and lip glosses include a wide range of shades to suit every skintone.

Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Face Palette (A$115) reminds me of highschool! This cute looking palette is shaped like a notebook with a pencil attached to the side, which is actually an eye pencil!

Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Face Palette
Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Face Palette contains a total of 10 shades: one Jet Creamy Eye Pencil, four Eyeshadows, two Pot Rouges, two Lip Glosses, and one Glitter Lip Balm. 

In my opinion, this palette is targeted towards teenagers and I think Bobbi Brown’s choice of shades is spot on. The shades are chic and wearable. What I love most about this palette is the Pot Rouge!

Pot Rouge is a cream based formula which you can blot onto your cheeks or lip.The pigmentation is very good as the shade you see in the palette is exactly what you see after application.

The Pot Rouge shades in this palette are:

Baby Pink: Soft light pink shade with cool blue undertones.

Homecoming Pink: Medium watermelon pink shade which gives a more intense look than Baby Pink.

Top-bottom: Homecoming Pink and Baby Pink

I love the names of these shades and the names really do reflect the life of a highschooler. 
These two Pot Rouge shades are exclusive to this palette. 
Both are gorgeous shades that give natural looking flushed cheeks.

The three lip products include:

Air Kiss Lip Gloss: Pale pink shade which gave a glossy shine to my lips. The finish appears slightly milky when applied liberally. I would prefer to apply Air Kiss over beige or nude lipstick for a gorgeous glossy look.

Rum Lip Gloss: Red brown gloss which slightly enhances my natural lip colour. The pigmentation of this gloss looks quite nice and is great for a simple daytime look.

Crystal Gold Glitter Lip Balm: Glossy lip balm with miniscule bronze and gold shimmers. Crystal Gold Glitter Lip Balm looks great alone or over lipstick to add a little glitter and shine. I found this lip balm was best applied using my fingers rather than a lip brush.

Top-bottom: Air Kiss, Rum and Crystal Gold

Jet Creamy Eye Pencil: Dark jet black eye pencil which is a great addition to this palette. The pencil is small, though the quality is superb! This eye pencil applies on smoothly and precisely without smudging during the day.

The four eyeshadows in this palette include:

Ivory eyeshadow: Matte ivory shade which is great as a base to enhance the intensity of eyeshadow.

Lighting sparkle eyeshadow: Soft silver shimmer eyeshadow with lots of sparkle!
Orchid sparkle eyeshadow: Pastel lilac shimmer with lots of silver sparkles!

Eclipse eyeshadow: Matte jet black shade which is best applied along the eyelids.

These eyeshadows are just mediocre as I experienced a significant amount of fall-out with both sparkle eyeshadows. All four shades are complimentary, however, the only problem was the amount of fall-out.

Overall, I love the idea of including a variety of blush, lip gloss/balm, eyeshadow and eyeliner in this Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Face Palette especially the inclusion of the exclusive Pot Rouge shades. However, I was not impressed with the significant level of fall-out from the sparkle eyeshadows. It would have been great to include miniature lip and eye applicators to make this set whole.

This limited edition Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Face Palette is no longer available in-store, however, you can purchase this exclusively on the new Bobbi Brown online store: 


What do you think about shades in this Bobbi Brown Beauty Rules Face Palette?
Are you a fan of Bobbi Brown's Pot Rouge for cheeks and lips?


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