Friday, 10 June 2011

Event: Brisbane Winter Festival!

The Annual Australian Winter Festival has been successful in Sydney and Melbourne. This year, the Australian Winter Festival will be held for the very first time in the heart of Brisbane city! Brisbane's largest outdoor ice skating rink, measuring 900 m.sq, will be one of the best attractions to see at this festival!

Come by to King George Square between the 9th-26th of June where the festival is held and enjoy an ice skating session (45 mins, $20 adults and $15 kids plus $7 skate hire), watch the incredible ice skating performances, try some Chai Latte at the Lipton Chai Latte Lodge, and have a look and taste the amazing winter-foods from over 20 winter-loving countries! 

Lipton Chai Latte Lodge

The Australian Winter Festival in front of Brisbane City Hall

Inside the Lipton Chai Latte Lodge
The Skate Hire Tent

'German Sausage Hut'

Left: 'Muu Pancakes' and right: 'Bratwurst'- German term for grilled sausages

'Pichler Gluhwein'- Austrian Mulled Wine, which is a hot aromatic spiced red wine. 'Pichler' is the name of the company and 'Gluhwein' is German for 'glow-wine' (as it glows with heat and is also believed to give people who drink more than a mug full some inner 'glow').

Have you been ice-skating before?
Will you attend the Australia Winter Festival?


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