Friday, 10 June 2011

Review: Shu Uemura Aya Takano Reindeer Kiss xxxx Palette (Holiday 2010)

You may have noticed that I  have an obsession and love affair with limited edition palettes as I like the convenience of having eyeshadows, blush and lipgloss/stick all in one neat little palette. Also, I can't forget to mention the cute, adorable and limited edition packaging that I get sucked into! 

The Shu Uemura Abracadabra Fantasy Christmas Collection 2010 was a collaboration with Aya Takano- one of Japan's most popular artists.

“Creating something that is universally beautiful. That is art.” -Shu Uemura

The packaging and oh so gorgeous playful design of this collection is just too cute! Everything is PINK!
I HAD to get the Reindeer Kiss xxxx Palette.

Reindeer Kiss xxxx Palette

The Reindeer Kiss xxxx Palette is one of two palettes in this collection- the other is named Bowwow! Magic Queen Palette.

Reindeer Kiss xxxx Palette (left) and Bowwow! Magic Queen Palette (right)

 Here's what Aya Takano had to say about these two palettes:

'The colours of Reindeer Kiss xxxx evoke a frosty winter land covered in crystalline snow that sparkles in the light. Frolic in the dreamy winter wonderland where animals and humans play together in the snow.'

'The colours of Bowwow! Magic Queen are warm-toned for a peaceful holiday season.  Feel relaxed, curled up inside the Magic Queen's cozy  home that is redolent with the fresh pine scent of her enormous Christmas tree and filled with luxurious decor or silver, gold and bronze.'

The Reindeer Kiss xxx Palette contains 1 x 2.1g and 2 x 0.9g pressed eyeshadows, 1g cream colour eyeliner, 1g cream highlighter/illuminator, 4.5g glow on blush and two dual applicators.

Reindeer Kiss xxxx Palette

The shades in this palette do not have names, so I will describe each shade and its use from left to right and starting from the top row.

The three pressed eyeshadows compliment each other and work effectively to brighten the eyes:

#1 Eyeshadow: bright matte sky blue shade with subtle shimmer. 

#2 Eyeshadow: silver sparkle eyeshadow that can be applied liberally at the lower lash line or just at the inner corner of the eye to brighten up the look. 

#3 Eyeshadow: soft matte sea foam green shade with more shimmers than #1 eyeshadow. I use this shade along the upper lashline.

These pressed eyeshadows apply on smoothly and they're not overly pigmented. Using a primer is a must, otherwise the shades will not last long. The sponge applicator which comes with this palette gives better results in terms of application rather than the brush applicator. 

#4 Cream Colour Eyeliner: deep brown cream formula which is used to define the eyes.
#5 Glow on Blush:  soft baby pink shade, which is quite sheer. I would not reccomend using the blush brush in this palette to apply the blush as it's just too small. This blush gives a subtle pink glow to the cheeks.

#6 Cream Highlighter: creamy yellow illuminator works best to enhance the brow bone. This can also be used on the inner corners of the eyes. 

I love the cute packaging of this Reindeer Kiss xxxx Palette and I think the soft and light shades in this palette is great for the spring season. The eyeshadows are quite sheer, so it's important to apply an eye primer to enhance the intensity of the green and blue shades.

Do you love Shu Uemura and Aya Takano's Christmas 2010 Collection Palette?
Which palette would you prefer?



  1. I have this palette and am smitten with the blush (I use my eco tools blush brush) it just looks so gorgeous on, I'd love to buy a back up of the blush separately but I can't figure out the shade name.

  2. Aww we have something in common Jadegrrrl! I use my EcoTools blush brush for that too! If only the shades had names! Could the blush possibly be a limited edition shade?

  3. Haha yer that's probably the case!