Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Autumn Beauty with ELES Mineral Makeup

The Autumn season in Australia is in full swing and what's more exciting than the stable humidity level at 70% and the continual change between the rain and sun are some ELES Mineral Makeup products that I've been trialing in the last few days!

ELES Mineral Makeup - 'Sourced from nature, fused with science... Skin life-sustaining minerals, the purest elements of the earth, are essential to the ELES line. Micronized minerals protect and correct skin without irritation. Minerals are a chemical free sun-block, naturally shielding the skin against damaging ultra-violet light. Their powerful light-reflective properties also make flaws and imperfections look less visible.' 

ELES Mineral Makeup - 'Our skin-safe formulas contain no potential irritants, such as fragrance, oil, talc and dyes. Every formula is hypoallergenic and oil-free.'

The first time ELES Mineral Makeup was put into the spotlight of The Beauty of Red Roses was last year where I reviewed my cult favourites ELES Mineral Blush and ELES Mineral Sheer Tint here. Today I will be reviewing the ELES Pore Perfecting Face Primer (A$62/28g), ELES Gemstone Finishing Powder (Corrector) (A$101.50) and ELES Liquiliner in Anisette (Black) (A$48.25).

ELES Mineral Pore Perfecting Face Primer

ELES Mineral Pore Perfecting Face Primer is ideal for normal to combination skin types and the oil-free formula contains a Dermat Complex™which abdorbs oil and reduces the appearance of pores. The formula also contains Salicylic Acid to help prevent pores from clogging up as the primary role of Salicylic Acid is too prevent excess natural oil from the skin to interact with dead skin cells which form blackheads and whiteheads deep into the pores. The texture of Pore Perfecting Face Primer is smooth and the consistency is just about right to evenly distribute the product across the face. The ivory lightweight primer penetrates the skin quickly and minimises the appearance of pores. My skin feels very comfortable as the formula is virtuously weightless while leaving a perfectly smooth canvas for foundation. The oil control of this primer was excellent as the shine was kept at bay, however, after about 6+ hours I did notice that the shine started to show up along my T-zone.

ELES Gemstone Finishing Powder

ELES Gemstone Finishing Powder is available in three beautiful shades: Corrector, Bronzer and Blusher. Each compact contains four shimmering shades which impart a beautiful healthy glow when blended together. I have Corrector which has shimmering shades of pink, green, lilac and yellow which is used to help reduce the effect of Rosacea (redness). The powder contains White Sapphire Complex which helps to minimise skin imperfections. I personally did not notice significant improvement to the redness of my skin, however, I adore the healthy glow that this Gemstone Finishing Powder in Corrector produced. The fine shimmers and the shades of this Gemstone powder is quite versatile as it can be used to highlight and illuminate the skin complexion by blending all the shades carefully onto my cheeks and forehead or can even be used to highlight the nose, brow bone and inner corners of the eyes using a small brush to apply on the yellow/pink shades individually.

ELES Liquliner

ELES Liquliner in Anisette is a jet black liquid eyeliner that is a must-have in my makeup routine! The Liquiliner applicator is ultra slim-lined and flexible which glides smoothly along the entire lash line and helps to define, shape and accentuate the eyes with ease and precision! The Liquiliner dries and sets within 20 seconds of application and the fabulous part is that it does not smudge, smear or migrate as the day progresses. An interesting fact is that ELES Liquiliner contains a complex called Bio-Boost which is a 100% natural algae complex containing natural phytohormones and bio transformed Ginger Root which helps stimulate hair follicles, thus, improving the length and volume of lashes. So not only do I use ELES Liquiliner to define my eyes, but to also enhance the growth and nature of my lashes! Let's hope for longer lashes in due time!

Have you explored new beauty products for the autumn season? Have you tried ELES Mineral Makeup before?

xx Rose

Products were provided for consideration only. This review is 100% based on my own thoughts and opinions. I am not affiliated with ELES Mineral Makeup and did not receive remuneration to post this product review. 

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