Friday, 20 May 2011

Sportsgirl Social Knitworking Event

 Who loves Sportsgirl? Me! Who loves to knit? Me!

A few days ago, I was feeling quite excited about receiving an invitation from Sportsgirl inviting me to join in their knitting workshop held after-hours. I haven't knitted since I was in highschool, so I'm glad I've been given the chance to get back into it again! 

Sportsgirl has given the chance for a small group to create their own knitted masterpiece at their ‘Social Knitworking’ events happening around the nation. They are setting up a creative space for small circles of Sportsgirls to get knitting, complete with a tutorial on how to knit with a professional knitter.

I arrived right on the dot at 6 pm at Sportsgirl where I was greeted by the lovely Sportsgirl manager and invited to drink hot tea, coffee or a refreshing glass of orange juice. As I walked through the store, there were seats set up at the centre of the store with a cardboard knit kit box on each chair. These knit kits contained a pair of jumbo knitting needles, five balls of wool (one of each colour from Sportsgirl) and a 'how-to' guide to create a beautiful scarf. 

I met the lovely Jedda-Daisy Culley who was an awesome tutor who taught us how to do cast- on/off and a knit and purl stitch. During the event we were served these gorgeous bright yellow, red, blue and green iced mini cupcakes with pretty silver glitter dusted over, cream cheese and lettuce sandwhiches and some delectable truffles =).

I had a fantastic time at this Sportsgirl Knitworking Event and I came home with a VIP goody bag which was filled with cute gifts (also received a SG labelled bottle of water-not pictured). 

Have you started knitting yet?
Or have you almost finished knitting something special?

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