Saturday, 28 May 2011

Review: Bloom Sibella Court Nail Polishes (Ltd Edn)

Now, exciting news here! 
Recently, Sibella has collaborated with Natalie Bloom, founder of Bloom Cosmetics, to create a set of nail duos which are surely bound to be the most trendy and chic shades for this seasons look. 

Sibella Court- She is an Interiors Stylist, Designer and Writer from Sydney who has worked with prestige fashion magazines including Grazia and Harper's Bazaar. 

Sibella Court is inspiring and creative having created two gorgeous shades named Sibella I Tattered and Sibella II Gypsy Gold.

Here's how Sibella Court describes these gorgeous shades:

"Tattered is a lovely soft grey/brown shade that is inspired by haberdashery and pre-loved treasures, slightly faded and frayed. Tattered is perhaps that velvet slipper chair that is beautifully threadbare and full of memories you do not wish to part with." 

 "Gypsy Gold is an old-fashioned dark gold. I was inspired by coins that exchanged hands time and time again for trading food, horses, wagons or other gypsy wares! It is what I call a worn gold, darker, slightly mysterious, with swirls of metallic throughout."

Sibella I Tattered
 Tattered is a unique grey with a slight brown hue that is perfect for this coming Winter season. I only neded one coat of this nail paint to furnish a glossy and opaque finish with no traces of streaking. I absolutely love this shade as it makes my nails look quite chic and sophisticated. 

Sibella II Gypsy Gold
Gypsy Gold is a beautiful metallic gold shade which reminds me of the shade of antique gold finish trinkets! I was quite surprised that this nail paint goes on bold and only one coat provides an opaque finish. Yes, i wrote one coat. Streaking was quite obvious, however, I loved this effect! Gypsy Gold well and truly describes Sibella's words as this shade reflects the look of  'old-fashioned dark gold'.


Although one coat provides a beautiful bold and opaque finish, I noticed the nail polish started to chip after the second day of wearing these shades. I have busy hands and I'm either typing on the keyboard or busy cooking or just busy shopping! So, I would definitely recommend applying more than one coat and maybe a clear top coat or protective coat to prolong the wear of the nail polish.


Gypsy Gold and Tattered are both shades with beautiful bold finishes which makes my nails stand out. I've received compliments after wearing Gypsy Gold at a friend's b'day and even in the office when I wore Tattered. The shades are quite inspiring and if you're creative, you can try using both shades by painting a half moon nail design. 

These Bloom and Sibella Court nail polishes are definitely worth looking into! 
They're limited edition nail polishes, so be sure to get your paws on these beauties before they run out of stock.
These are sold for $19.95 and $2 from each nail polish sold goes towards the Children's Hospital Foundation. Great cause from such a great purchase!

Which shades do you intend to wear this Winter?
Are you a fan of Bloom nail polishes?


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