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Jurlique Super Serums!

Do you incorporate serum into your daily skincare routine? 

Serum is one of the most important steps prior to applying a moisturiser to deliver essential nutrients and vitamins deep into the skin, while a moisturiser acts as a barrier to hydrate and protect the skin. Serums are a fantastic skincare formula that help to replenish all the nutrients and vitamins your skin needs to look and feel gorgeous! 

Jurlique recently launched some luxurious serums that I've been experimenting with and I have to say, I absolutely love the texture, consistency and results these serums offer! Today I will be reviewing the Herbal Recovery Advanced Eye Serum (A$58/15ml) and the Purely Age-Defying Firming and Tightening Serum (A$95/30ml).

The Jurlique Herbal Recovery skincare collection is my most favourite from the Jurlique line! I've used the Herbal Recovery Night Cream (reviewed here), Antioxidant Facial Oil (reviewed here) and Advanced Serum (reviewed here) in the past and these products worked very well to help make my skin appear softer, supple and wonderful! I was pretty excited when Jurlique launched the new Advanced Eye Serum as this product makes the Jurlique Herbal Recovery collection feel complete. The Advanced Eye Serum helps to reduce dark circles around the eye area, minimise signs of fatigue and alleviate dehydration, while replenishing the skin around the eye area to achieve radiant and brighter looking eyes!

The Herbal Recovery Advanced Eye Serum brings to light an ingredient called Naturevive PB18+ which is a complex that helps to deliver potent antioxidants and essential fatty acids to energise, revitalise and protect the skin around the delicate eye area. The formula is infused with Persian Silk Extract to assist in strengthening the skin cell capacity and act as a barrier to reflect environmental stressors, Wu-Zhu-Yu Extract to help boost the smoothness of skin, and Sacchromyces Cerevisiae to help reduce the appearance of dark circles around the eye area.

The Advanced Eye Serum is housed in a sleek-looking glass bottle with a pump to allow hygienic dispensing of the product. One pump produces a small pearl-sized amount of product that is sufficient to gently pat and massage onto the skin around the delicate eye area. The Advanced Eye Serum is a non-greasy formula which helps to nourish the skin while concentrating on reducing the appearance of dark circles and fine lines over continual usage. I've been using this eye serum as a daily night treatment and I have seen noticeable improvements in hydration and appearance over the space of 4 weeks. My dark circles appear less prominent and the skin around my eye area looks a lot more hydrated than it was before. I am very satisfied with the result of using Jurlique's Advanced Eye Serum and I would definitely recommend this beauty if you are in need of an eye cream that helps to re-energise and revitalize the skin around the eyes!

The Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Collection is aimed towards those who wish to minimise the appearance of wrinkles/fine lines, improve skin tightness and boost the smoothness of skin. The latest addition to the Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Collection is the Firming and Tightening Serum, which is a wrinkle smoothing concentrate. 

The Jurlique Purely Age-Defying Firming and Tightening Serum contains a new Active-Firm Complex comprised of a blend of botanicals such as Oat Kernel extract, Beech Tree Bud extract and Tapioca starch to improve the appearance of skin while providing intense hydration for healthy-looking skin!

My skin lacks the essential nutrients and skin smoothing components to make it appear youthful, so using a serum that helps to provide a boost in these ingredients and prolong the aging process is something that I've found in Jurlique's Purely Age-Defying Firming and Tightening Serum. The serum is housed in a very convenient glass bottle with a pump and two full pumps is adequate to apply a thin layer all over the face and neck. The consistency of this serum is very thin, which allows for a quick and easy application over the skin. The formula absorbs quite quickly and doesn't leave any traces of product or sticky residues. My skin feels nicely hydrated, though not sufficiently hydrated. So, applying a moisturiser after applying serum helps to lock in skin hydration. Although I haven't noticed any dramatic changes in my very fine lines, I have noticed that my skin looks and feels more plump and soft. With continual use of this facial serum, I sure do hope my skin remains youthful and appear more radiant!

Jurlique skincare products are all developed from natural and organic ingredients to compliment the skin, which is why it is important to ensure that you use their products before the expiry date printed on the base of each bottle. Natural-based formulas made by Jurlique have worked so well with my skin in the past, which is why Jurlique is one of my favourite skin care brands!

Have you tried any of these wonderful Jurlique Serums before?
Which serums are your most favourite?

xx Rose

 Products were provided for consideration only. This review is 100% based on my own thoughts and opinions. I am not affiliated with Jurlique and did not receive remuneration to post this product review. 

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