Monday, 15 September 2014

Imperial Leather No 42 Rockpool + No 19 Citrus Grove + No 26 Summer Bliss

Imperial Leather Master Perfumers have just launched their brand new range of handwash and bodywash that have been formulated with a delicate mix of exotic and invigorating scents! Scent is a crucial characteristics in handwash and bodywash as it really does effect your mood and make you feel relaxed, content and stress-free. Well, to me that's how I usually feel! 

Psychologist Sabina Read explains, ''fragrance is commonly linked to our mood and behaviour via learned emotional responses associated with smells and past experiences. If we smell roses while visiting a sick loved one in hospital, the smell may evoke sadness or grief; however if we first smell roses after giving birth, we will most likely associate that smell with feelings of joy and love. Therefore fragrance plays a powerful role in mood and emotion across the lifespan.''

I love scents that are formulated with floral and plant extracts as it always reminds me of my favourite teas, which subsequently makes me feel soothed and relaxed on the inside. Furthermore, I also love fruity scents as it reminds me of all those times that I prepared crazy concoctions of fruit smoothies and salads during summer!

Imperial Leather have been around for over 70 years to give people a sense of happiness and luxury with the use of their wide-range of luxurious handwash and bodywash collections. The Imperial Leather range is categorised into five Imperial Leather fragrance families and these include: classic, floral, fruity, citrus and gourmet. These past few weeks, I've been loving and indulging in the Imperial Leather No 42 Rockpool and No 19 Citrus Grove handwashes (A$3.99/250ml pump pack, A$5.99/500ml refill pack) and the Imperial Leather No 26 Summer Bliss bodywash (A$6.49/500ml pump pack, A$8.99/1L refill pack). 

Imperial Leather No. 42 Rockpool Anti-bacterial Handwash features a luscious blend of Indian Lotus and Waterlily, and base notes of Iris, Musk and Spearmint flower, which invoke quite a decadent, bold and strong woody and floral fragrance. The bottle shown in the photo above is a huge 500ml refill bottle that can fill up 2 smaller pump bottles. The pump bottle on the right hand side is the Imperial Leather No.19 Citrus Grove Anti-bacterial Handwash that has a very citrusy scent made from Lemongrass and Ginger, and base notes of Orange, Red Berries, Peach, Jasmine and Amber extracts. My favourite between the two would be the citrus variation as it does leave me hands smelling citrus-fresh! The consistency is quite lovely as these handwashes gradually lather up from a gel to foam texture. Only a small dollop is sufficient to thoroughly cleanse my hands whilst leaving them feel moisturised.

Imperial Leather No.26 Summer Bliss Bodywash features a luscious blend of Mango Butter and Frangipani. This wonderful fruity and floral scent really does fell indulgent and soothes my senses whilst in the shower. This bodywash feels super creamy and luscious that it sits nicely against my skin whilst cleaning my skin with a loofah. My skin feels wonderfully soft, smooth and well hydrated. Plus, the scent lingers for a short while before it slowly dissipates.

Overall, the luscious and creamy texture of these handwashes and bodywashes are truly incredible! I love these divine and invigorating scents as they make me feel like I'm living in luxury! I love the fact that Imperial Leather have created an extensive range of handwashes and bodywashes so that you could try different scents and fragrances each time you need a refill. The only problem in this is deciding which scent to try out next!

Which scents would you love to sense in handwashes and bodywashes?

xx Rose 

 Products were provided for consideration only. This review is 100% based on my own thoughts and opinions. I am not affiliated with Imperial Leather and did not receive remuneration to post this product review. 

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