Wednesday, 5 March 2014

Marc Jacobs Honey

I love Marc Jacobs fragrances as the designs of his line of fragrances can create a beautiful and colourful garden of florals and friendly bugs! One of the latest fragrances by Marc Jacobs is Honey (A$75/30ml, A$120/50ml, A$160/100ml), which is housed in the cutest bottle ever!! I absolutely adore the butterfly/bee pearl design and the cute white spots across the entire bottle! I anticipated a dominating sweet honey scent, however, I was completely wrong! The top notes of Honey includes Pear, Punch and Mandarin Orange, with middle notes of Peach, Orange Blossom and honeysuckle and base notes of Vanilla, Honey and Woodsy Notes. Honey is lovely light floral scent with very minimal notes of fruits and sweet scents, which makes the overall scent quite misleading considering the fragrance is named Honey. Even though the longevity and sillage is a little below average, this feminine and youthful scent won't stop me from spritzing a couple of times during the day!

 Are you a fan of Marc Jacobs fragrances?
Which bottles of Marc Jacobs perfumes do you love most?

xx Rose

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