Monday, 31 March 2014

Indola Innova Wonder Blow-Dry Spray

My hair can become a huge mess if I don't take good care of it. My hair is quite thick, long and sadly, damaged and dry due to the constant use of hair styling tools and a hairdryer. Those days of having wondrous naturally wavy and silky hair is no more... Methods to retain the moisture and lustre in my hair include using a conditioner after applying shampoo and also a hair treatment product applied every 3-4 days. When heat-styling my hair I always opt for my GHD Heat Protect Spray (reviewed here) to ensure my hair doesn't go frizzy and dry. Each of these methods help to maintain the goodness in my hair, however, it wasn't until a product by Indola Innova called Wonder Blow-Dry (A$17.95/200ml) that came along and left me completed amazed! Indola Innova Wonder Blow-Dry is a multipurpose spray which you spritz and then comb into freshly washed hair before blow drying to accelerate the time it takes to dry your hair. Just a few sprays to the mid-lengths of the hair and away you go with your hairdryer! Indola Innova Wonder Blow-Dry Spray offers 10 benefits in one bottle:

1) Instantly faster blow-drying
2) Smoothes & de-tangles
3) Vital heat protection
4) Maintains essential moisture
5) Boosts body & bounce
6) Intensifies shine
7) Banishes frizz
8) Lighter hold
9) No residues
10) Results that last

Frankly speaking, this Wonder Blow-Dry spray actually does speed up the drying process of my thick and long hair which is amazing! However, I suspect this is due to the alcohol component in this spray, which is the second major ingredient in this spray after Aqua (water). The alcohol component seems quite prominent in this spray, because I could sense the smell of alcohol after spritzing my hair. Despite this, I was surprised that it didn't strip away the moisture in my hair. It usually takes 20 minutes (on low speed) to blow-dry my hair, however, after spritzing Wonder Blow-Dry onto my hair, it only takes around 12 minutes to reach the same results. My hair felt lightweight and there was no frizz visible! I'm quite happy with the results as this Wonder Blow-Dry spray does speed up drying and leaves my hair looking naturally dry and feeling silky soft.

Indola Innova Wonder Blow-Dry is available online at the My Haircare website here

Have you tried any hair products which reduces the time required to dry your hair?

xx Rose
Product was provided for consideration only. This review is 100% based on my own thoughts and opinions. I am not affiliated with Indola Innova and did not receive remuneration to post this product review. 

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