Sunday, 7 April 2013

Sebastian Professional Hair Styling Products

Sebastian Professional is a prestige hair care brand which initially launched in California during the 1970’s.  Since then, Sebastian Professional products have spread worldwide and are available in wide range of collections to ‘create fearless looks and limitless styles' for men and women of all ages.

Sebastian Professional Liquid Steel (A$34/150ml) is a concentrated thick gel which not only achieves resilient strong hold to that of steel metal, but also gives a metallic shine finish to hair.  You can apply Liquid Steel to damp hair to set and sculpt or apply to dry hair for an even stronger hold.  Long fringes that could be swept up into a quiff or brushed to the side with a wave effect are styles that could be accomplished with Liquid Steel.  I would advise not to use Liquid steel in conjunction with hot styling tools such as hair straighteners and blow-dryers as the purpose of Liquid Steel is to set styled hair with a shiny sleek finish.
Sebastian Professional Texturizer (A$34/150ml) is a flexible liquid gel which is formulated with wheat and soy protein to re-energise the texture and definition of hair. Similar to the Liquid Steel gel, Texturizer also provides strong hold. Apply to either damp or dry hair to texturise hair to your desired look and allow the hair to air-dry.  Texturizer is an excellent hair product to define and enhance waves and curls for that natural tousled classic 1950’s hair look.
Sebastian Professional Shaper Zero Gravity (A$32/400ml) is a hairspray which is suitable for all hair types, however ideal for fine hair. Shaper Zero Gravity is a lightweight mist which helps to enhance the longevity of bouncy curls leaving them feel naturally weightless during the day.  My hair is long and thick, so sometimes the curls in my hair tend to weigh down and lose their shape towards the end of the day.  Shaper Zero Gravity helps to prolong the curls when applied immediately after curling my hair.
Sebastian Professional Shine Crafter Wax (A$36/50g) is a malleable wax which helps to mold hair into your desired style whilst adding volume to hair. My partner has short thin hair and he uses Shine Crafter Wax to execute a grunge-style which makes his hair look thicker, voluminous and dense.  Shine Crafter Wax contains rock crystal extract which gives hair a high shine factor and extra hold. You can apply Shine Crafter Wax to wet hair prior to blow-drying or on dry hair for styling. 

Which products do you use to style your hair?

xx Rose

Products were provided for consideration only. This review is 100% based on my own thoughts and opinions. I am not affiliated with Sebastian Professional and did not receive remuneration to post this product review.   

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  1. All these products are really good. But don't forget Sebastian Whipped Creme, i really like this product. i like the way it dispense out. Well, thanks for sharing such a nice post.