Sunday, 2 December 2012

Nice'n Easy's Summer Hair Shape Up

When it comes to hair, the shape of your face is not the only contributing factor to your style and cut - have you ever thought about matching your hair colour to your face shape and features? Nice'n Easy Expert Colourist Belinda Jeffrey brings you her guide on how to find the most flattering hair colour shades to suit your face shape and bring out your features!

If your face is wide and you have large facial features, Belinda suggests that you opt for lighter shades with tonal highlights in order to slim the face. Single flat hair colour can widen the face and give unwanted attention to certain facial features. If you have a creamy skin tone, golden, honey and biscuit blonde hair colours would suit best and can even be incorporated as highlights for brunettes without looking too light. Belinda suggests you try Nice’n Easy 98 Extra Natural Light Blonde for those with naturally blonde hair and Nice’n Easy ColourBlend Foam in 6.5G Lightest Golden Brown for brunettes.

If you face is long, soften the look of your face shape by weaving different shades of colour though the hair to create roundness. Belinda suggests balancing the face by creating layers in the hair to reduce the elongated look.  

Belinda - One long length of hair will draw the face down, further elongating features. For blondes, a mixture of creamy blonde, caramel and golden brown will counter this, brightening the face and skin tone and allowing features to shine. For those with darker skin tones and hair, try adding dimension with some natural lighter brown highlights.” 

Belinda recommends that for a multidimensional blonde, try Nice’n Easy ColourBlend Foam in 9 Light Blonde, and Nice’n Easy 117 Natural Medium Golden Brown for darker shades.

If your face is more square in shape with small features, you can get away with wearing one solid, glossy colour, more so than wider or longer face shapes. Try a rich shade of black, a dark chestnut or even platinum blonde. 

Belinda - “Smaller features can also wear hair that is all one length, and when paired with a colour such as Nice’n Easy 113 Natural Burgundy, the current geometric trends in hair shapes can look particularly sleek.

Have you ever thought about your hair colour to suit your face shape? 
Which hair colour shades are you going for this Summer?

xx Rose

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