Monday, 5 November 2012

Spring Racing Hair Looks featuring Herbal Essences

The Spring Racing Carnival is in full swing and luckily, Herbal Essence has introduced three race-ready hair looks, The Wavy Braid, The Chignon and The Bun, to ensure your hair looks beautiful and stylish.

 The Wavy Braid

A fun, flirty and fuss-free Wavy Braid is a gorgeous yet simple look to suit any outfit from AM to PM! A hat or fascinator worn on the side best complements the Wavy Braid. All you need to achieve this look is a hair straightener, hairspray and bobby pins.

1.     Lightly spray hair with a flexible hold hairspray.
2.     Curl hair around your hair straightener, pulling away from the root to tip and then spray hair with a medium hold hairspray.
3.     Secure your fascinator in place on one side and loosely braid hair on alternate side. Secure braid with bobby pins.
The Wavy Braid Hair Look
The Chignon

The Chignon is a beautiful and elegant look, which looks very chic and stylish! You can achieve this style with most headpieces, particularly smaller sized headpieces to show the detail of the low bun. To complete the look, all you will need is an elastic band, comb, hairspray and bobby pins.

1.     Part front section of hair and separate back section in a secure ponytail.
2.     Backcomb ponytail in large sections to create volume and spritz with hairspray. Lightly comb ponytail through to tidy up.
3.     Roll ponytail underneath to create chignon and secure in place with bobby pins and then finish with hairspray.
4.     Take half of front section and twist across back of head. Secure over chignon with bobby pins.
5.     Repeat on other side and spray with hairspray.
6.     Secure fascinator in place.

The Chignon Hair Look
The Bun

The voluminous up-do with The Bun suits well with a statement outfit and flawless makeup! Simple yet wearable throughout the day, this look is best worn with a fascinator at an angle, or with a cute dainty headband or flower. To complete the look, all you will need is an elastic band, comb, brush and bobby pins.

1.     Secure hair in tight high ponytail and spray with hairspray.
2.     Backcomb ponytail in large sections to create volume and spray with hairspray.
3.     Lightly brush ponytail through to tidy up.
4.     Grip ponytail in one hand, hold the base of ponytail and wrap ponytail around to form a bun. Secure the bun in place with bobby pins.
5.     Secure your fascinator in place.

The Bun Hair Look

How are you styling your hair during Spring Racing?

xx Rose

*This is a sponsored post. I am not affiliated with Herbal Essences. Images were provided by Herbal Essences.


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    1. I do too! The Chignon looks lovely with any outfit in my opinion!

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    1. These hairstyles would look great for any occasion!