Monday, 15 October 2012

Heart-base Manicure

I've been inspired by the latest of nail art designs that I decided to opt for the simple French manicure, however, instead of horizontal tips I painted two strips which meet at the centre like the base of a love heart. Also, I wanted neon tips, since neons are the hype of this season, so I chose a neon-red in Sunday by Bloom Cosmetics on a vibrant pink base which is called Cascade Cool by Essie. I purchased Cascade Cool when I was in Berlin (see my Travel Photo Diary here) and the shade is part of the Summer 2013 Essie collection, yet to be launched in Australia. The overall look is fun, vibrant and colorful, great for this Spring season.

Have you painted you nails using neon shades?

xx Rose


  1. I love it Rose! Did you paint the tips freehand or use tape?

    1. I used one of those nail polish applicator brushes that are typically used for arcylic nail art. The bristles are so tiny that it makes painting these strips so easy.