Friday, 12 October 2012

DIY Makeup Organiser - Re-use your Glossyboxes

The Spring season is in full swing and during these last few days I've been sorting and organising my makeup and beauty products. The other day, I came across a DIY tutorial on Laura's blog where she made her own makeup organiser by re-using 4 of her old Glossybox boxes. I absolutely love the idea and it's such a great way to make better use out of these sturdy and cute Glossyboxes.

Glossybox Australia released their first box in November 2011 and unfortunately the company was short-lived and released their last Glossybox in April 2012. I have received all 6 Glossyboxes and 3 of the Glossyboxes have been used to hold my nail polishes and other bits and bobs. I thought I'd get a tiny bit creative and show you how to make a makeup organiser using only 3, rather than 4, empty Glossyboxes.

Things you will need:
  • 3 Glossyboxes
  • 2 x strong cardboard pieces (one 20.5 x 20.5 cm and the other 20.5 x 16.5 cm)
  • A long and sharp kitchen knife (it's a lot easier using a long blade rather than a small Stanley knife/scissors)
  • Hot glue gun (you can purchase one on eBay for a measly A$4)
  • Scissors and a pen to pierce holes into the drawer
  • Ruler
  • Ribbons for decoration (I used the pink ribbon which came with my Glossybox subscription)

First of all, use your kitchen knife a cut off one of the long edges of 2 Glossybox lids. The lids will be used to support the sides of your organiser. Keep the two long edges for later.

Using the 2 strong cardboard pieces (I surprisingly had these two cardboard pieces lying around and even though they are not the same size as specified in the above list, they still worked well to support the frame of the organiser), glue the edges to the the two Glossybox lids to create the frame. 

Next, glue-on the 3rd Glossybox lid right on top of the frame. To add further support, in case your drawers are filled to the brim with beauty products, glue on the two long edges at the back to hold the frame in place. 

Now, onto the drawers. I decided to decorate the drawers using the pink ribbon which came with my Glossybox subscription as it goes with the pink theme I was looking for. Use a ruler to mark the center of the drawer and then use a pen/scissors to pierce two holes for the ribbon. The length of each ribbon I used was 21 cm. You may want to start with at least 25 cm of the ribbon to tie a cute little bow with ease. I couldn't find where all my other Glossybox ribbons went off to, but luckily I had just enough.  

And.... voila! There you have it, your own Glossybox makeup organiser :)

Hope you enjoyed my little tutorial! What have you been using your Glossyboxes for?

xx Rose


  1. I love this! I only ever got 4 of the glossyboxes but I use them for drawer separators.

    1. I initially used them as drawer separators too lol! I really like how sturdy the boxes are.

  2. This is SO cute! Wow so creative and loving the idea :)

    1. Thank you Karen! These boxes have unlimited uses!

  3. That is such a cute idea! I was never signed up to Glossy Box but I always considered doing it just for the pretty boxes.


    1. I actually partially subscribed because of the cute boxes. I can never say no to cute packaging!