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The Jojoba Company Gentle Cleansing Balm and Redness Reducing Balm

Aside from the temporary flush of facial redness caused by blushing or being placed in an embarrassing moment, there also exists a more serious skin condition of facial redness (a.k.a. Rosacea), which is a skin condition some people endure when they reach towards the age of 30. There are quite a plethora of reasons why people develop facial redness and these include skin irritation, consuming hot foods, drinking alcohol, exposure to environmental stressors and even emotional stress. Facial redness triggered by one or more of these factors are quite difficult to banish completely, so it is important to identify methods to help calm, cool and relax the skin to reduce the appearance of facial redness. 

The Jojoba Company is an Australia skin care brand that has been featured on The Beauty of Red Roses blog numerous times as I absolutely love the natural and organic ingredients they use to formulate their products. The Jojoba Company caters for all skin concerns and they also produce products that aim to reduce the appearance of facial redness. I have with me here The Jojoba Company Gentle Cleansing Balm and Redness Reducing Balm to review for you all today!

One of my major skin concerns is the visible flush of redness around the corners of my nose and inner cheek area. I've incorporated both The Jojoba Company Gentle Cleansing Balm and Redness Reducing Balm to my daily skin care routine and I've been following this routine for about 2.5 weeks. Thus far, my skin is loving the goodness of ingredients within these two products!

The Gentle Cleansing Balm (A$29.95/100ml) is a jojoba-based cleansing balm that is suitable for all skin types and is enriched with Pure Australian Jojoba, Aloe Vera, Witch Hazel, Vitamin A, C, D and E and Rose Oil to nourish, calm, hydrate and promote healthy skin. The texture of the formula is like a hybrid cream/balm and it feels nice and cool once applied to my skin. The subtle botanical scent is quite lovely and makes me feel uber revived! The cleanser is housed in a pump bottle and I found that one full pump dispenses a very small amount of product. The pearl-sized amount of cleanser shown in the image below was achieved with two full pumps, which is adequate to cleanse the entire face. Using gentle circular motions, I was able to thoroughly cleanse while hydrate my skin. The formula didn't strip the natural oils of my skin and my skin didn't feel tight nor irritated. My skin was left in a good state of freshness and cleanliness. I would definitely recommend using this cleanser in the morning to help boost hydration and nourishment the skin needs during the day.

The Redness Reducing Balm (A$29.95/50ml tube, A$39.95/85ml glass bottle) is enriched with the goodness of antioxidants which helps to cool, calm and soothe dry skin and visible reduce redness. This balm is ideal for those who have oily or combination skin types. After cleansing and toning my skin, I use a small pea-sized amount of the Redness Reducing Balm is a night time moisturiser to help calm and soothe my skin. The formula is housed in a silicon-feel tube with a pump on one end, so this makes dispensing super easy. The formula has an incredibly soothing botanical and herb-like scent and it also felt quite cool once I gently press a teeny tiny amount onto my face and decolletage. The consistency is quite thin, so I found it very easy to evenly apply the product across my skin. I didn't notice any immediate reduction in redness on my face, however, my skin did feel very relaxed and calm, thanks to the pleasant botanical scent and lush antioxidant ingredients which helped to revive my skin. Overall, I love the hydrating and soothing benefits that the Redness Reducing Balm provides for my skin and the packaging of this balm in a tube makes it a convenient product to bring along in my travel bag!

The Jojoba Company products are all Australian made and owned. The products are free from mineral oils, parabens, artificial fragrances and colours, and contain no animal derivatives. The Jojoba Company products can be purchased online here and at various pharmacies and beauty salons nation-wide.  Please click here for stockists.

Have you tried any products from The Jojoba Company before?
What methods have you used to reduce the appearance of redness?

xx Rose

Products were provided for consideration only. This review is 100% based on my own thoughts and opinions. I am not affiliated with The Jojoba Company and did not receive remuneration to post this product review. 

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  1. There are lot of redness reducing creams and balms which makes it confusing to choose the better ones. I trust the natural products and they have shown great response.