Tuesday, 14 January 2014

NEW MyNewSkin 100% Natural Multipurpose Nourishing Balm

I was recently approached to review the brand new 100% Natural and Nourishing Multipurpose Balm called MyNewSkin (A$24.95/50g). There are two varieties available, Olive and Lemon Myrtle and Olive and Lavender. These balms have been made from the most natural and fresh plant extracts and anti-oxidants to provide the skin with hydration, replenishment and nourishment. If you have dry skin, ageing skin, sensitive skin or uneven skin tone, then you should definitely consider trying MyNewSkin. These ingredients are also 100% natural and Australian Grown! There are no nasties at all and the formula is chemical-free!

MyNewSkin is formulated from fresh plant extracts including Olive Leaf, Oregano, Chickweed, Burdock, Sheep Sorrel, Salad Burnett and Fresh Lantana. These herbs are grown chemical-free where the company is located in Queensland. The two varieties of scents originate from an Olive Oil base with either Lemon Myrtle or Lavender. These natural herbs have been cold-pressed within the 3 hours that they've been picked, so this method of preparation ensures minimal nutrient loss. It's an interesting concept as I'm always on the lookout for skin care products formulated from natural ingredients.

What I love about these balms are the incredibly divine scents which just soothes my senses while it nourishes my skin. As a multipurpose balm, I use a small amount over dry patches on my face, lips, elbows, knees and cuticles for instant nourishment. You could pretty much use this balm anywhere on the face and body! I especially LOVE applying this balm over my lips as the beautiful scent lingers for awhile which makes me feel relaxed! My skin, especially my elbows and knees feel well hydrated and the great thing is that the balm slowly soaks into the skin and doesn't leave an unpleasant greasy film. 

The MyNewSkin balm is not too thick or thin as a balm as it was very easy to whip a small amount of product to spread across rough and dry skin. The balm wasn't too oily and doesn't slide away so easily, so it does stay put during the day to keep my skin feeling nourished and soothed!

MyNewSkin is privately owned and made in Queensland, Australia. For further information and stockists, please see the following site: www.mynewskin.com.au.

Do you use multipurpose balms? 
What do you think of these beautifully concocted herbal skin balms?

xx Rose

Products were provided for consideration only. This review is 100% based on my own thoughts and opinions. I am not affiliated with MyNewSkin and did not receive remuneration to post this product review. 

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  1. Looks very interesting and organic ^^

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