Thursday, 14 November 2013

Ultraceuticals Mattifying Magic Christmas Gift Set

Christmas has finally arrived at Ultraceuticals! Ultraceuticals has made gift giving so easy with their range of value-packs to cater your skin and body. To view the range of Ultraceuticals Christmas Gift Sets available, please see my recent post here. I was recently gifted the Mattifying Magic Christmas Pack (A$99, valued at A$148) to trial and I've been loving every single product in this amazing pack! The contents of this pack include the Ultra Balancing Cleansing Gel (200ml), Ultra Hydrating Lotion (75ml) and Even Skintone Serum Mild (10ml).

Ultraceuticals Gentle Cleansing Gel makes my skin feel beautifully clean and fresh without stripping the natural oils of my skin. The silky smooth and slightly runny consistency of this pearlescent gel thoroughly removes traces of makeup and dirt and the scent reminds me of toffee lollies! The formula is packed full with antioxidants and natural ingredients including coconut oil, vitamin E and green tea, which all help to nourish and hydrate the skin. I love this concoction as I'm always on the lookout for ingredients in skin care products which help to improve skin texture and appearance. I have sensitive skin and I'm quite impressed that this Gentle Cleansing Gel was completely compatible with my skin type!

Even Skintone Serum Mild is quite a potent yet effective serum which helps to reduce the look of discoloration and pigmentation for a smoother, brighter and clarified complexion.  Initially, I only used this serum once every 2-3 days and after about 2 weeks I began using this once daily before hitting the hay. The transparent and thin consistency of this lightweight serum absorbs relatively quickly into my skin and it leaves a nice cooling sensation. The best way to apply this serum is to dispense a pearl-sized amount to my fingertips and gently press the serum onto the skin. The scent is quite strong for my sensitive nose, though thankfully the scent does dissipate after a short while. While this serum feels lovely on my skin, the formula didn't hydrate my skin as well as I expected. Applying a hydrating moisturiser is a must. My sensitive skin did not react negatively to this serum at all, so I was uber happy to continue trialling this serum. After about 3-4 weeks, I was feeling super pleased as my skin actually looked slightly brighter and clarified - perfect for this coming summer season!!

Ultraceuticals Ultra Hydrating Lotion is a super hydrating lotion which soothes, cools and hydrates my skin wonderfully well! The consistency of this lotion is very runny, so dispensing this product from a tube was a little uneasy as I would sometimes over-dispense! You really only need a 10 cent sized amount to moisturise all over the face. This lightweight lotion feels amazing on my skin as it just glides luxuriously against my skin and instantly hydrates my skin.  The formula absorbs quickly and leaves a nice matte finish. My skin looks and feels uber soft and smooth! I absolutely love how effective this Ultra Hydrating Lotion is! If you have sensitive/oily skin types, I would highly recommend this moisturiser!

Ultraceuticals Christmas Packs are available at leading skin clinics and David Jones stores. 

Have you tried any of these Ultraceutical skin care products before?
Which Ultraceuticals products do you love most?

xx Rose

Products were provided for consideration only. This review is 100% based on my own thoughts and opinions. I am not affiliated with Ultraceuticals and did not receive remuneration to post this product review. 

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