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NEW ELES Masquerade Nail Enamel Collection

ELES Mineral Makeup is an Australian beauty brand which house a range of face, eye, lip and nail products. ELES products are formulated from micronised minerals and natural ingredients (e.g. Vitamin A, E and C, Aloe, Chamomile and Ginseng, just to name a few) to protect the skin and nails while they perform just as well as professional beauty products out in the market. I absolutely adore the mineral makeup line by ELES and when I received news about their exciting new product launch, I was just completely mesmerised! ELES recently launched their amazing Masquerade Collection which consists of 12 beautiful nail enamel shades (A$20/15ml), which were inspired by the shimmer, glamour and elegance of 'Costumed-Carnivals and 15th Century Masquerade Balls'.
ELES Masquerade Collection
ELES nail enamels are kind to the nails as they are free from the big nasty three: Toluene, Formaldehyde and DBP. The packaging of each nail enamel is square in shape, so you can align each shade side-by-side while saving space in your nail polish organiser/drawer. The labels are attached to the base of each bottle and as you can see, the labels don't seem to bind very well to the glass bottle. The list of ingredients are actually printed on the reverse side of each label, so I guess the labels were meant to be easily peeled away so that you could examine the list of ingredients. 

The nail enamel applicator was very soft and application was very smooth and easy. Each shade has their own unique feature in terms of opacity and finish.

ELES Masquerade Collection
ELES Colombina Gold
Colombina Gold is a stunning shimmery light gold. Leaving my nails under natural sunlight radiates the beautiful gold and silver shimmers of this nail colour!

ELES Casanova Red
 Casanova Red is a classic fire engine red with a high gloss finish. The formula of this red beauty was relatively thick and only 1 coat was required to achieve full opacity.

ELES Vivaldi Blue

Vivaldi Blue is a seafoam blue/green which reminds me of the luxurious Tiffany blue shade. After applying 2 coats, the finish appears slightly streaky with a subtle metallic sheen.

ELES Othello Orange
Othello Orange is a super vibrant orange which applies on relatively sheer. Two coats will suffice for good opacity.

ELES Phantom Black - Glossy coat before fully dried.
ELES Phantom Black - Matte finish after fully dried.
Phantom Black is one of my favourite shades! The formula appears glossy immediately after application, however, once the formula dries up, it leaves a gorgeous matte finish!

ELES Fuschia Fontana
Fuschia Fontana is a bright fuschia pink with a metallic lilac duochrome finish. The formula of Fuschia Fontana is quite sheer, so I ended up applying 2 coats.

ELES Nude Contessa
Nude Contessa is an elegant and classy nude shade. The formula of this shade was slightly more thick and creamy than the other shades, so only one coat was sufficient to give a smooth and even finish.

ELES Veronese Orchid

Veronese Orchid is a pretty lilac shade which would be perfect to wear during this spring season!

ELES Tintoretto Teal
Tintoretto Teal is a forrest green shade which requires two coats to achieve good opacity.

ELES Baroque Bronze
 Baroque Bronze is a light copper shade with a streaky metallic finish. The streaky finish gives a pretty good resemblance to the surface of ancient copper bowls and cups.

ELES Carnival Copper
 Carnival Copper is a vibrant dark orange, rather than copper.

ELES Purple Royale
Purple Royale is an intense purple shade with hints of blue. The formula of this shade was probably the most sheer nail enamel from the Masquerade collection and hence requires at least three coats to obtain full opacity. 

The ELES Masquerade Collection has covered all four corners of the mysterious and extravagant masquerade theme. I love the fact that there were a variety of different shades in this collection and also a wide range of different finishes. I especially love the shades Phantom Black, Vivaldi Blue, Nude Contessa and Colombina Gold!

What do you think of ELES Masquerade Collection?
Which shades suit your fancy?

xx Rose

 Products were provided for consideration only. This review is 100% based on my own thoughts and opinions. I am not affiliated with ELES Mineral Makeup and did not receive remuneration to post this product review. 

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