Thursday, 29 August 2013

Sisley Hydrating Long Lasting Lipstick in Geisha Red L25

Sisley Phyto-Rouge Hydrating Long Lasting Lipstick (A$62/3.4g) is a high coverage lipstick, which provides intense colour and protects the lips. There are a total of 25 luscious shades to suit your skin tone and one shade that was kindly sent to me is Geisha Red L25. 

If you are on a lipstick hunt for that perfect red, then the shade Geisha Red L25 is the one you should definitely try. Geisha Red L25 is an opulent crimson red that will seriously melt your heart! I always reach out for this red beauty when I’m going for a bold, vivacious and sexy lip!

 The lipstick bullet has multiple beveled faces which spiral up from the base to allow precise application. The high pigmentation and satiny texture of this lipstick formula allows for an opaque glossy and fresh finish to the lips, which looks appealing yet elegant at the same time. The soft and silky texture of this lipstick means that you can apply this lipstick directly onto the lips (without lip balm) and then you could use a lip brush to neatly finish the look. For such a highly pigmented lipstick I experienced no bleeding at all! 

My lips feel very comfortable and well hydrated during the entire day thanks to the inclusion of core ingredients Calendula (softens the lips), Vitamin C (antioxidant - fights free-radicals) and Vitamin E (antioxidant). The intensity of this lipstick formula does diminish on my lips towards the end of the day, however, it does leave a natural looking cherry stain, so re-application is not necessary! 

Are you a red lip girl? 
Which red lipsticks do you love most?

xx Rose

*Product was provided for consideration only. This reviews is 100% based on my own thoughts and opinions. I am not affiliated with Sisley and did not receive remuneration to post this product review. 

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