Sunday, 23 June 2013

Pamper your feet with Pedi-Sox!

L-R: Pro Pink, Mary Jane, Polka B/W and Pink Original.

The crisp winter weather has definitely not interfered with my regular pedicure sessions - thanks to The Original Pedi-Sox (A$9-11/pair)! Pedi-Sox is a toeless pedicure sock which can be worn at home, in the salon or anywhere before you paint your toenails to prevent your feet from becoming dry and/or cold while you pamper your feet. You could practically wear these socks throughout the year if you like! 

These Pedi-Sox are designed to keep your feet softer and smoother for longer and also help to reduce the effect of calluses and repair dry cracked skin/heels. If you use serums or creams to protect and repair your feet, these Pedi-Sox will help to lock in the benefits of these treatment products. 

Pedi-Sox is made in Mexico and available in a multitude of fun and fashionable designs, and they are REALLY COMFY to wear! The stretchy material means that this 'one size fits all' Pedi-Sox will fit the majority of people. Different designs are made from a variety of different materials which means that there are some varieties that are comfortably thick for winter and nicely thin for summer. 

L-R: Pro Pink, Mary Jane, Polka B/W and Pink Original.
Pro Pink (Pro range, A$9/pair) (in support for breast cancer research) is a warm pink ribbed Pedi-Sox which is quite thick (60% Acrylic, 35% Nylon and 5% Elastic) and a great winter warmer!

Mary Jane (Ultra range, A$11/pair) is probably the cutest design of the four! The material is 95% Nylon and 5% Lyra, so it is a lot thinner than the Pro Pink pair and can be worn regardless of the weather. Also, if you prefer thin socks, than the Ultra range of Pedi-Sox would be your best option.

Polka B/W (Lite range, A$9/pair) is also thin like the Mary Jane Sox, however, the material is made from 30% Acrylic and 70% Cotton. If you tend to have sweaty feet, this pair would be most suited. 

Pink Original (Original range, A$9/pair) is part of the Original and Traditional White Sox range which has a colour band at the base and top. Pink Original is very thick and stretchy, so perfect for the cooler weather. The material is a heavier weight thick cotton blend consisting of 30% cotton and 70% Acrylic.

These Pedi-Sox are one of my winter essentials and they are just super duper comfy to wear! I wear them around in the house all the time and they do look a lot like leg warmers, but for your feet!

For more information on The Original Pedi-Sox please visit the official website here.

The Original Pedi-Sox range is available at CNE Beauty Salon Supplies (based in Melbourne) online here and will soon become widely distributed in Australian nail salons soon. Currently on the CNE online store you can buy 4 pairs and get the 5th pair for free!

Have you worn Pedi-Sox before? Do you pamper your feet often?

xx Rose

*Products were provided for consideration only. This review is 100% based on my own thoughts and opinions. I am not affiliated with Pedi-Sox and did not receive remuneration to post this product review.

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