Saturday, 28 April 2012

Lancôme Rouge in Love Lipcolour in Corail in Love

Lancôme Rouge in Love Lipcolour launched recently in Australia and has become one of Lancôme's best-selling and longest wearing lip product to date. I was so excited to hear about the launch of Rouge in Love as it has been awhile since Lancôme introduced a whole new range of vibrant lipcolours.

Rouge in Love is a luxurious brand new formula which features 'high potency lipcolor, 6 hour wear and featherlight'.

Rouge in Love is a collection of 21 lust-worthy lipsticks categorised into 3 moods which are identified by a letter shown in brackets:

Jolis Matins (M): Neutral and soft shades, perfect for everyday wear
Boudoir Time (B): Pop and vibrant shades, for a night out with the gals
Tonight is My Night (N): Intense and deep shades, to last all night under the moonlight

I had fallen in love with packaging of Rouge in Love when my eyes met the pretty sleek silver casing of the lipstick with the words 'Rouge IN LOVE' inscribed on the cap and surrounded by a basic and elegant looking silver frame. The Lancôme signature rose is embossed on the top of the cap and the base of the lipstick has the word Lancôme written across. The packaging is basic yet it does have intricate detail when looked at closely.

Lancôme Rouge in Love in '322M Corail in Love'
Removing the sleek cap of the lipstick revealed the shade Corail in Love (322M), which is a stunning soft pink coral colour. The tube appears to be more coral-red than coral-pink, however, on the lips the pinky shade is more noticeable.

The scent of the Rouge in Love lipstick formula has a pleasant and subtle rose fragrance which I love. However, the scent is only noticeable when the lipstick is held up close to my nose. During application, the lipstick seems scent-free.

Rouge in Love combines the characteristics of lipstick and lipbalm to give lips full and intensely coloured lips with good moisturisation that could be provided by a lipbalm. The formula glides on smooth and one swipe is perfect to achieve a nice layer of lipcolour. I always apply two swipes and use the tip of my fingers to achieve a slightly matte-finish. The colour is wearable, buildable and PIGMENTED! The lipcolour formulation feels very comfortable as it really is featherlight which is surprising for a lipcolour which provides such intense colour. 

Lancôme claims that the wear-time of Rouge in Love is 6 hours, however, this was not true for me. The longevity was relatively good, with the intense colour lasting up to about 3 hours and then my lips were left with a pretty stain for another 2 hours before I would do a full re-application. I love the fact that this lipstick stains my lips and make them look great from AM to PM. I had initially swatched my arm with Corail in Love and it took quite awhile just to remove the distinct stain!

I have relatively dry lips, so conditioning my lips is a must before applying any gloss/lipstick. In my opinion, Rouge in Love worn alone does feel very moisturising and my lips remain hydrated for longer than most other lipsticks I have use. The long lasting moisturisation and longevity of Rouge in Love lipcolour formulas make this an ideal lipstick during the cooler seasons. 

Rouge in Love is really mind blowing as I have not used any lipstick with 'staining properties' of this quality before. The great texture, excellent moisturising properties and very good staying power places this lipstick on top of my sky high lipstick collection! I will definitely look into other shades in the range!

What do you think of the shade Corail in Love? Do you have Rouge in Love in your lipstick stash? Which shade would you recommend?

xx Rose


  1. This lipstick is just divine - thank you for doing such a detailed review! The packaging is simply gorgeous X

  2. I love red lipsticks and this one looks very pretty.
    Great blog hun.

  3. Love this colour and the lipstick collection is great.
    Thanks for visiting my blog, I now follow you