Thursday, 11 August 2011

Review: MAC Prep + Prime Eye Base

Recently, I stumbled upon MAC Prep + Prime Eye Base which is said to prime the lids, neutralise lid colour, conceal discolouration of the lids and is used as a base for eye shadow and pigments.

The packaging is very simple and sleek. It comes in a thin plastic disc with a twist top lid. The lid and the box features a starry night sky with blue glitters and the usual black packaging. The packaging can get a bit fiddly as the lid is quite flat and if I'm not careful I would easily dig my nails into the primer. 
The formula of this eye base has a very creamy yet thin consistency and it is not rock solid, like most other primers/concealers I have used in the past. The smooth creamy texture makes this product easy to apply to the lids and just glides on effortlessly. My lids are slightly oily, though this eye base helps to give a smooth matte base for eye shadow.

I sometimes use my fingertips to apply this base to my lids so that the warmth from my fingertips helps to blend in the product. After applying this product, by gently dabbing and blending, you could instantly see how this eye base lightens up the lids and making them appear uniform in texture and tone. 

I sometimes use this product to conceal dark circles as it works perfectly to slightly moisturise my undereyes as well as cover up these circles before applying foundation. I would suggest to allow the product to settle for about half a minute before applying eye shadow. Since this is a cream-based formula, it is important to allow the product to set and dry. 

In my opinion, MAC Prep + Prime Eye Base is more of a concealer/corrector than a primer. The opaque finish of this product works very well to hide discolouration of the lids and this effect can make the intensity of eye shadow to appear bold and not sheer. 

MAC Prep + Prime Eye Base is available in three shades: 
 light, medium and medium dark
and retail for $A33 at MAC stores and online. 

Have you tried MAC Prep + Prime Eye Base before?
 Which eye primer is your holy grail?


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